7 Sports Themed Ceiling Fans for the Sports Fanatic

Sports ceiling fanOne of the things most men dream of having in their home is a man cave. This room is where men tend to spend a lot of time, particularly to watch sports, play cards with their friends, and to hang out with their friends. Most man caves are designed with a guy’s favorite sports in mind and this is where a sports themed ceiling fan can come in handy.

To complete the look of your man cave or sports den, a ceiling fan that has a sports-themed design should be considered. Not only will this add to the aesthetic of the room but it will also help with air circulation. To help you find the perfect sports ceiling fan for your needs, here are some options you can consider:

Craftmade American Tradition in Gloss White

Craftmade American Tradition Ceiling Fan Model AT52W in Gloss White

This fan is a great addition to any room that has baseball as its theme, although it can be used in any room with a general sports theme. This fan has five 52-inch blades in white and a single bulb in the middle of the fan’s assembly. This fan’s bulb cover comes in a white baseball design, although you can choose to change this to another design.

The options you have for a sports-looking fan include a soccer bulb cover, a hunting design shade, and many more. The cover or shade you choose comes with a different price for each design. The bigger the shade or cover, the more expensive it is.

Aside from the light cover, you can customize this fan further with a few other additions like a downrod, controls, and extra accessories. This fan comes in a glossy white color but is also available in other shades. These include antique white, oiled bronze, brushed nickel, and aged bronze.

Craftmade WarPlanes Black Sheep

Craftmade WarPlanes Black Sheep Ceiling Fan Model CF-WB242BS2 in Blue with Black and White Checker Pattern with Blue with Yellow Tips blades

If you want your sports room to have a whimsical looking fan, then this one is the perfect choice for you. This fan comes with 2 propeller-like blades that come with a yellow tip, blue body, and a red/white dot in the middle of each propeller. The propellers are designed to emulate the ones found on old planes known as Black Sheep and each propeller measures 42-inches long.

Aside from the blue/yellow propeller, this fan also comes with a blue motor cover with a blue and white checkered design wrapped around it. It has a 15-degree blade pitch, has 3-fan speeds, comes with a reversible motor. It comes with a flush mounted design, 153 x 8mm motor, and has both handheld as well as in-wall controls in the package.

This fan is designed with the WW2- Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-214 planes in mind. These fans can be a great addition to any sports-themed room or even in a kid’s bedroom. In fact, any room with an airplane theme will benefit with the addition of this fan.

Ceiling Fan Designers Ohio State Buckeyes

 Ceiling Fan Designers Ohio State Buckeyes 42-inch Ceiling Fan

If you’re an avid fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, then this sports ceiling fan is definitely for you. Complete the look of your Ohio sports themed room with this ceiling fan that comes with four blades that measure 42-inches each. This ceiling fan also comes with a center bulb that is covered by a glass dome in a schoolhouse style design.

This fan comes with a three-speed control which can be reversed to pull air up instead of blowing it down. Aside from the controls being reversible, this fan’s blades can also be reversed to show a plain white side instead of the Ohio State Buckeyes Design.

This sports ceiling fan comes with a flush mount design, operates on 120 volts, and has both wall control and chain control options. This is ideal for indoor use only and can be a great addition to any small room.

Honeywell Touchdown Sports Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Touchdown 48-Inch Football Ceiling Fan with Amber Shade Lights, Five Football Themed Blades, Matte Black

Another ceiling fan you might want to consider installing in your man cave is this football-inspired fan with five 48-inch blades and three amber shade lights. This particular fan comes with blades that have a football field and a flying football printed on it. It also has yellow goal posts holding the blades in place.

To complete the football theme, the fan has three amber shade lights that come in the shape of a football, complete with laces out. These lights come with 60 watt bulbs and pull chains that can turn the lights on and off. There is also a pull-chain that is used to control the fan’s speed.

This ceiling fan has a 4-speed motor, which can be reversed at the flick of a switch to suck up air instead of blow it down. Its base color is matte black and it operates on 120 volts. The fan’s blades are made of wood and the entire item weighs 17 lbs. This ceiling fan is made for indoor use only.

Hampton Bay Everstar II Sports Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Everstar II 44 in. Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

This sports ceiling fan is an understated one that will look great in sports rooms that aim to exude a sophisticated and mature air. This fan has four blades that measure 44-inches each and comes in the color black with silver sports designs on each one. Each blade has a silver print of a particular sport which includes baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

The fan’s motor is encased in brushed nickel housing and has a bowl-style light kit that is covered in a domed frosted glass cover. The fan comes with 3-speed control with reversible motor and a tri-mount bracket for close-to-ceiling installation. The blades on this fan are reversible so you can choose to have the plain side showing instead of the ones with prints on them for a change.

This fan is made for indoor use only and is great for use in small spaces. Your sports room will greatly benefit from this fan, both for its aesthetic and its air circulating use. The product weighs a total of 13.64 lbs and already comes with a downrod.

Ceiling Fan Designers Soccer Football Baseball Sports

Ceiling Fan Designers Ceiling Fan, Soccer Football Baseball Sports

Another ceiling fan that combines a few different, popular sports in its design is this product from Ceiling Fan Designers. This fan comes with four 42-inch blades, with each one carrying a variety of sports equipment painted on them. Some of the sports equipment you see painted on each blade include lacrosse, soccer, tennis, baseball, and football.

This fan comes with a light kit that has a smoky glass dome and a 60 watt bulb. This ceiling fan also comes with reversible airflow, a flush design, and 3-speed motor. It also comes with double seal bearings, which allows it to operate quietly.

This fan is made for use indoors and has a blade arm that self-aligns, making it wobble-free. The fan operates on 120 volts and has a glossy white finish. This is a great ceiling fan to add to a sports-themed bedroom, a sports den, or any small room that has a sports theme.

Prominence Home International Soccer Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 40274-01 Soccer Ceiling International Sports Fan, 48 inches, Black

If you love FIFA, the Football World Cup, and anything soccer, then this fan is a great choice for you. This black ceiling fan by Prominence Home features five blades that measure 42-inches each and comes with a truly soccer-themed design. On each blade are printed 16 flags of countries that participate in this sport. Also on each blade is a soccer ball that holds the blade in place.

This sports ceiling fan comes with a 3-speed quiet motor that has a reversible function. This means it can either blow air down or suck it up. This reversible feature can be enabled with the flick of a switch. The fan’s motor casing is in matte black as are the blades.

The fan has a dome light in the middle, pull-chains for fan and light control, and weighs a total of 13 lbs. It operates on 120 volts, uses an LED bulb, and is great for use in small to medium sized rooms.

The Bottom Line

So, which sports themed ceiling fan should you choose for your man cave or sports-themed room? The choice is dependent on a number of factors. For starters, the size of your room plays a huge part in your selection process. You will need a bigger fan for a bigger room if you’re using this fan to cool the area down. If it’s there mainly to cool one part of the room, then you won’t have any problems choosing from any of the abovementioned options.

Another factor that comes into play is the aesthetic of the room. Are you creating a general sports-themed room or one that has a specific sports and team at its core? If the former, a lot of the fan options here with multiple sports designs on them would be great. If the latter, then you should choose the sports-specific and team-specific options that you can find online.

Whatever your choice may be, suffice to say that the addition of any of these fans to your sports room is a good idea. Not only does it add a little more flair to your design but it is also functional too.

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