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21 Beautiful and Creative DIY Fire Pits for Your Backyard

What fun it would be on a nice chilly night to sit in front of a crackling wood fire in your own backyard with friends and family. The cold season is approaching and for those of us who enjoy home projects, a DIY fire pit …

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21 Practical Tips to Improve Air Quality of Your Home or Office

Not every home owner or office manager pay attention to their home’s air quality. It is a misconception to think that you escape air pollution once you are inside the office or home, especially when properly steps have not been done to keep the air …

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Follow These 10 Tips to Lower Your Cooling and Heating Electricity Bills

Heating and cooling can account for almost half your energy bills. But there are many ways to reduce them. One way is to be vigilant and reduce consumption – such as keep thermostat temperatures a few degrees away from ideal or use less hot water. …

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Ceiling Fans?

Household chores can be quite tedious at times. They become especially tedious when they involve those parts of your home that are hard to reach. These are the places you probably do not take care of everyday, but when you do have to clean or …

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9 Health Benefits of Bathing Warm Water

Warm Water Bath Through Water Heater A water heater is a necessity if you need hot water running in your household. A hot water bath or shower is a part of personal hygiene. Water heaters come in many types and these each have their own …

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7 Health Benefits of Using a Humidifier at Home

There are bacteria which can live on a low humidity environment. These bacteria can lead to health problems especially on the respiratory, nasal, skin and eyes. Having a humidifier at home, whether a cool mist or warm mist, can help alleviate certain health problems, including …

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10 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable and Harmonious

There is no question that our home is the most important place in our lives because it allows us to recharge our batteries after a long day of work and it also provides us with comfort that no other place can bring. In this article …

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