What is a Home Warranty and Why You Should Need it for Your home

Why You Need Home WarrantyHome warranties may initially seem like an expense that homeowners don’t need, but in reality, these policies provide homeowners with several benefits they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Home warranty policies allow homeowners to mitigate their maintenance expenses with a policy that covers expenses that they would otherwise have to pay out-of-pocket for.

Benefits of a Home Warranty

When faced with the new responsibilities of home-ownership, many are taken by surprise when it comes time to make repairs or replacements. Wondering what does a home warranty cover? Typically, these policies handle everything from plumbing problems to replacing appliances like the refrigerator.

While one can tackle these issues on their own, investing in a home warranty policy will make handling these problems that much easier. Read on for key reasons every homeowner should invest in a warranty.

Homeowners Can Save Money

Tips to Save from High Electricity BillsUnforeseen expenses are a fact of life for homeowners. While they can do all they can to have a growing savings account and an emergency fund, one expensive surprise bill can significantly set homeowners back with their finances. This is where the home warranty comes in as it is intended to keep homeowners from having to overpay for these expenses.

With an extensive home warranty, homeowners can protect themselves against expensive repair bills when an appliance breaks or something else in the home begins to malfunction. Having this policy to rely on lets customers pay an annual fee for the policy while saving substantially on repair services that are otherwise quite costly.

Never Wait for a Technician

TechnicianSigning up for a home warranty policy guarantees homeowners to have access to a network of professional technicians that are able to expertly and quickly service their home. With a warranty, gone are the days of homeowners waiting hours for a technician or spending the time to find one of their own.

With access to this expansive network, homeowners are able to have their maintenance needs met in an efficient way that will make it that much easier to get back to normal.

Rely on One Technician

Home Warranty Repair TechnicianHomeowners often have to wade through Google searches, references, and reviews to find the right technician for them. This can days and hours-worth of wasted time. By investing in a home warranty, homeowners are able to rely on their policy’s network to provide them with the right technician.

Enjoy No Hidden Fees

No Hidden FeesHomeowners that don’t have the benefit of a warranty have to find their own technicians. In many cases, technicians attempt to charge homeowners extra for basic repairs and services that would otherwise be less expensive. Instead of trusting a stranger to repair their home, it’s best for homeowners to rely on the technicians that are provided with a home warranty.

Home warranties allow homeowners to pay a flat price for the policy that will cover their expenses. When technicians are sent out, they don’t charge hidden fees or service charges that many other technicians might.

Invest in the Future

Money Investment Home WarrantyA new home is an investment, so homeowners should do everything they can to protect it. With home warranties, homeowners are able to invest in the future of their homes and guarantee that it stays in perfect condition for as long as possible. Whatever the future may hold, a warranty will give homeowners some sense of certainty that any issues with their household appliances or systems will be taken care of.

Prepare for Appliance Failure

Repair for AppliancesRegardless of how advanced an appliance might be, all appliances reach the end of their life at some point. Though homeowners generally have an expected lifespan for items like their televisions, swimming pools, HVAC systems, fridge, and more, there’s no way to tell when they will give out.

As such, homeowners can trust that their home warranty will be able to cover these repairs or replacements when these items inevitably give out.

Increase the Home’s Value

Improving Air Quality at HomeWhether homeowners are hoping to list their homes or they just want to improve their home’s marketability, investing in a home warranty policy can add value to their house. As the warranty covers expenses related to systems and appliances, homeowners can guarantee that their home is at its best and can rely on the warrant to fix any future problems.

With a warranty that guarantees household appliances and systems are consistently upgraded, homeowners will enjoy watching their home’s value increase.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Relax and ChillNo one can put a price on peace of mind. Homeowners that would prefer not to have to deal with the stress of appliances breaking down spontaneously or their main home systems malfunctioning, it’s best to invest in a home warranty. Having this warranty will help homeowners achieve a stress-free a life as possible.

While a warranty won’t prevent these appliances from breaking down, they do give homeowners an automatic solution when they do fail. Instead of worrying about how to pay for these expenses or who will fix them, homeowners can rely on their policy to protect them for up to a year before they must renew it again.

Add Protection to the Home

Home ProtectionHome protection goes further than the locks on the front doors. Homeowners can invest in warranties as a way to complement their homeowner’s insurance. While this insurance typically covers damage, home warranties cover the costs of essential appliances and systems in the event they break down from use. As this type of expense doesn’t often fall under the homeowner’s policy, warranties are a must for added protection.

Benefit from Affordable Coverage

One of the main reasons most homeowners invest in warranties is because of the guaranteed affordable coverage. As a homeowner, there are no shortage of home maintenance chores that need to be fixed. The likes of electrical work, plumbing problems, and malfunctioning essential appliances can all be quite costly on their own.

Instead of paying out-of-pocket to cover these costs, homeowners with a warranty can count on comprehensive coverage. With one warranty, homeowners can save on each individual expense with an annual plan that covers all repairs.

Purchasing a home warranty policy is ultimately a good investment for homeowners. Since these policies protect homeowners from expensive repairs, they essentially are a cost-effective way to mitigate home repairs.

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