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8 Best Smart Ceiling Fans to Buy in 2019: A Guide to App-Enabled Fans

Home automation has been gaining popularity in recent years, with smart ceiling fans being one of the many smart devices used today. Smart fans not just merely make your room cooler: they do so efficiently. And if you’ve been recently thinking about switching to a …

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The 7 Best Belt Driven Ceiling Fans You Can Buy Right Now

Ceiling fans can be very useful in the heat of the summer and even in the cold of the winter. In addition, they can make or break the styling of your interior. If you were thinking about adding a ceiling fan to your home, we …

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The 9 Best Windmill Ceiling Fans of 2019 for Efficient Home Cooling

In the heat of the summer, an air conditioner is a very tempting thing to buy. However, when you stop and look at how much power it consumes, you may no longer want to buy it. Thankfully, there is a much more efficient alternative to …

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Electricity-Free Wood Stove Fan: A Guide for Efficient Wood Stove Heating

Beat the cold spots with the best wood stove fan! Isn’t it annoying to shift from that comfortable position because sitting next to the stove is too hot and you have to move back closer to the stove because sitting far is cold? Well, after …

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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans in 2019 for Patio, Pergola, Porch or Gazebo

The summer can be rough, depending on where you live. If you’re based in the United States, there are several regions that can be unforgiving. Hot, humid, and miserable no matter the time of day. If you’re one of the countless people who live in …

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Best Window Fan Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks This 2019

Looking for the best window fan? Below is a guide to help you in making informed buying decision. What is a Window Fan? A window fan, as the name suggests, is a fan designed to be positioned in the window. However, it has functions that …

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Best Pedestal Fan Reviews 2019 for Residential and Industrial

Pedestal fan or commonly known as stand fan is very common on households, offices and business establishments. This is because there is no complex criteria when purchasing one unlike air conditioners and tower fans. While consuming less energy, pedestal fans can provide continuous air flow …

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Best Ceiling Fans Reviews, Buying Guide and Comparison 2019

Ceiling fans are a popular, functional addition to any home. Not only do the best ceiling fans help with energy efficiency, but they can also be used as a light source that adds aesthetic value. New homes are being built with ceiling fans in almost …

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The Best Tower Fan for Your Home 2019

What is a Tower Fan? A tower fan is a regular fan with a sleek design that makes it compact but effective. They usually oscillate, allowing air to blow in a 90 degree angle. They tend to be tall and narrow, allowing them to fit …

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