Best Ceiling Fans Reviews, Buying Guide and Comparison 2024

Ceiling fans are a popular, functional addition to any home. Not only do the best ceiling fans help with energy efficiency, but they can also be used as a light source that adds aesthetic value.

New homes are being built with ceiling fans in almost every room, and many homeowners update their residence with these moderately priced additions. Even though adding a fan is a wise investment to make in your home at any time, most people often opt to install a fan to help alleviate electricity bills during the extreme temperatures associated with the summer and winter months.

Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

Window AC vs. Ceiling Fan

If you find that your electric bills are outrageous, and you are considering your options before summer knocks at the door, you’re probably torn between installing a ceiling fan or a window air conditioner. While a central air conditioning unit runs on an average of 3,500 watts of power, a typical fan runs on 60 watts and a window a/c uses between 500 and 1500 (depending on size) watts of power. Obviously, more watts mean more money in bills, so finding a way to run a little less a/c is at the top of many homeowners’ lists.

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Both the window unit and fan have their merits. There is no doubt that a ceiling fan trumps the window unit in terms of the amount you’ll be saving monthly, but a window unit will chill a room to any desired temperature. Ceiling fans, on average, will help you stay about eight degrees cooler and only cost about a penny an hour to use. Window units can cool a room to any temperature, but their cost per hour is much higher (approximately 14 cent per hour). Each can be installed with fairly minimal effort.

Comparison: Our Top Ceiling Fan Picks

Ceiling FanDimensionAir FlowWattageRemote ControlLights
Emerson Midway Eco CF955B
Emerson Midway Eco CF955B
54 x 54 x 13 inches6206 CFM17.5 wattsYesYes
Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony
32.7 x 12.8 x 7.8 inches4881 CFM53 wattsYes (Separately Sold)Yes
Minka Aire F844-DK
Minka Aire F844-DK
10.5 x 10.5 x 13.5 inches6580 CFM65 wattsYesYes
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe
13.1 x 25.2 x 9.1 inches5110 CFM64 wattsYes (Separately Sold)Yes
Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Discus
Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Discus
52 x 52 x 17 inches5209 CFM75 wattsNoYes

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Review: Our Top Five Ceiling Fan Choices

Emerson Midway Eco CF955B – Highly Efficient Ceiling Fan


The Emerson CF955BS provides a lot of air flow with minimal use of energy, giving you fine-tuned control over the temperature of your home. Its remote control allows you to set the fan to any of its six settings without having to get up to adjust the air flow and the noise that it produces.


The inclusion of a remote control makes controlling the fan easy, but it uses an unusual battery, making it inconvenient to replace. The dimming setting on the fan’s light fixture does not have much of an effect, leaving only the option of having the lights on or off.

Bottom Line

The Emerson CF955B Ceiling Fan is a high end ceiling fan that will contribute great savings to your pocket. This ceiling fan is Energy Star Certified that only consumes 17.5 watts.

The Emerson CF955B is a sophisticated, elegant fan that is designed to keep your home cool and look good while doing it. It has been designed with form, function, and efficiency in mind, boasting a lifetime motor warranty, 1 year warranty on included electronics, and an Energy Star Certified EcoMotor that costs less than a penny an hour to run.

The fan is customizable for use in any home and there are a number of accessories, such as a wall control, sloped ceiling kit, and different length fan rods, to customize the fan to your home.

10 Reasons to Choose Emerson Midway Eco

  • 54 inch fan with a 6206 Cubic Feet per Minute airflow cools even the largest rooms.
  • Modern style with a brushed steel finish.
  • Cordless electric power.
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Included LED remote control allows you to select one of six fan speed and light settings.
  • Can mount on angled ceilings with sloped ceiling mount.
  • Warranty covers motor, electronics, and accessories.
  • Emerson EcoMotor is the most energy efficient fan motor on the market.
  • Opal Matte light fixtures holds four light bulbs to illuminate a room of any size.
  • Reduces apparent temperature up to seven degrees through the wind chill effect.

Noise Level

The motor in the Emerson CF955BS runs very quietly. Even at high speeds you will not be able to hear the noise of the motor running the fan, though some wind noise will be audible. The only noise that the fan generates comes from the light fixture, which occasionally emits a faint buzzing when it is turned on.

Energy Consumption

This fan is one of the most energy efficient ceiling fans in the world, costing less than a penny an hour to run. On its highest setting it requires 24 watts to run, the lowest setting requires only 5 watts. Using the light fixture on the fan will increase the energy consumption but the low energy fluorescent bulbs included with the fan keeps power usage as a low as possible.

The Emerson EcoMotor is designed to run cool to reduce energy waste and to improve the fan’s longevity. The motor is Energy Star certified meaning that it is more efficient than at least sixty percent of all ceiling fan motors.

Emerson Midway Eco: Efficiency-Wise and Feature-Wise

The Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco Modern Ceiling fan is a stylish, elegant, modern fan that can move huge quantities of air with very little energy consumption. If you need a high-end fan that will fit with any décor and will help cool even the largest room in your home the Emerson CF955BS ceiling fan is the fan for you.

See Emerson Midway Eco CF955B Price on Amazon

Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony – Sleek and Modern Ceiling Fan

7214100 Harmony 48-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass


The Westinghouse Harmony has a refined look that fits with most decors while still providing power and efficiency. It also includes the ability to run in reverse, allowing you to circulate warm air, keeping you warm during the cold months.


The light fixture in the fan is dim to the point that you will need additional lights to illuminate your room. Over time, the fan can also develop a repetitive clicking noise that can become annoying.

Bottom Line

This is a mid-range fan that will complement any décor and cool rooms as large as 144 square feet. Its four speeds allow you to focus on maximum air flow, up to 4,881 cubic feet per minute, or maximum efficiency.

The Westinghouse Harmony is a two blade fan with a brushed nickel finish and maple plywood blades that will fit in with any room’s design. It includes four fan speeds as well as a switch to reverse the air flow, providing control over the temperature of the room, as well as the ability to use the fan to keep a room warm. Its lowest settings are incredibly efficient, moving as much as ten percent more air per watt of energy.

The light fixture is made of frosted opal to give the fan some sophistication and to prevent the lighting from being harsh. The light fixture, as well as the other components of the fan comes with a two year warranty. The fan’s motor features a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you will be able to keep the fan for the long run.

What Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Boasts?

  • Brushed nickel finish.
  • Two weathered maple plywood blades.
  • Four speed settings.
  • Option to reverse the fan for use in cold months.
  • Frosted opal light fixture.
  • Six inch down rod.
  • 4,881 cubic feet per minute airflow.
  • Efficient 92 CFM per watt motor.
  • Lifetime motor warranty.
  • Remote control (sold separately) for easy setting changes.

Noise Level

The Westinghouse Harmony fan features a whisper quiet motor designed to run the fan so quietly that you won’t even notice that it’s there. Even on the highest speed setting you can only hear the sound of the air moving around your home. Some fans may develop clicking or other noises with use, but these can generally be repaired easily.

Energy Consumption

The Westinghouse Harmony is designed to be as efficient as possible. The motor draws 53 watts on its highest speed and moves 4,881 cubic feet of air per minute, giving it a 942 CFM per watt efficiency, though not as very efficient as the Emerson Midway Eco which has only 17.5 watts. Running the Westinghouse Harmony costs less than running a standard lightbulb, making it a great green addition to any home.

Proper use of a fan can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as forty percent, making it a net benefit in terms of energy use. The reversibility of the fan means you can use it to reduce heating costs in the winter as well.

Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony: Effective Two-Way Functionality

The Westinghouse Harmony is a mid-range fan with a surprising number of features but without the bells and whistles found in more premium models. Its elegant and refined design will allow it to fit in with most décors, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a way to cool their home efficiently. The ability to reverse the fan for use in the winter months, as well as the option to purchase a remote control gives the Harmony the push it needs to bring it from being a good fan to a great fan.

See Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Price on Amazon

Minka Aire F844-DK – Best Contemporary Ceiling Fan


Included remote control gives you full control over the fan’s three speed settings, as well as the light fixture’s brightness. The three blades let the fan move a lot of air keeping your house as cool as possible.


The included light fixture does not use standard light bulbs, so replacements must be purchased from the manufacturer. The fan’s motor does produce an audible sound that can grow annoying with continuous use.

Bottom Line

The Minka Aire is a mid-range fan is made of distressed Koa wood, giving it a charm that will fit in with many décors. Its three large blades help it move a lot of air and the included remote let you set it to the proper speed for the level of cooling you desire.

The Minka Aire Distressed Koa Ceiling Fan is a great fan for cooling large room in a cabin or any home with a rustic, woodsy décor. Its powerful motor comes with a lifetime warranty and moves 6,580 cubic feet of air per minute, allowing it to cool even the largest rooms. It comes with an integrated, dimmable, LED light fixture to improve efficiency

The fan includes a remote control that allows you to control both the speed of the fan and the brightness of the light, making it easy to customize to changing temperatures of the day. The remote cannot reverse the fan for use during the winter, but a manual switch of the fan’s motor allows you to reverse the blades’ motion. The fan does not come with a down rod so you will need to provide one that fits the fan’s aesthetic when mounting it on your ceiling.


  • Three blades move large quantities of air with efficiency.
  • Capable of moving 6,580 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Included, dimmable, light fixture uses LEDs to maximize efficiency.
  • Remote control to easily set speed and brightness.
  • Manual switch on motor allows you to reverse the fan during the winter.
  • Distressed wood design fits in perfectly with rustic décor.
  • Motor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Noise Level

The Minka Aire’s motor is powerful and efficient at the expense of some noise being generated. Running the fan on its lower settings produces little to no motor noise but at higher settings the motor is clearly audible over the sound of the air moving. Some units also generate an audible clicking noise on higher speeds.

Energy Consumption

The fan is Energy Star certified which means it is more efficient than at least 60 percent of other ceiling fans. It features multiple speed options so you can tailor not only the temperature of the room but the energy consumption to your needs. With rating of 99 cubic feet of air per minute moved per watt, you can be sure that using this fan to cool your home will be more than worth it. The fact that the included light fixture uses LEDs makes the fixture even more efficient.

Excellent Fan with an Aesthetic Value

The Minka Aire Distressed Koa Ceiling fan is a mid-range fan with a number of nice features but an aesthetic that does not fit with all décors. The inclusion of a remote as well as the ability to reverse the air flow gives the Minka Aire an edge over the competition. If you are looking for an efficient fan that can move a lot of air, has multiple speed settings, and that fits with a rustic, woodsy décor, this is fan is a good choice.

See Minka Aire F844-DK Price on Amazon

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe – Best Bang for the Buck


The Hunter Builder Deluxe is an attractive, elegant fan that comes at a very reasonable price. Its Whisper Wind three speed motor lets it run without making any noise no matter what speed it is set at.


The fan is non-compatible with efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, meaning you will lose out on some of the energy savings when you use the light fixture. The fan cannot be flush mounted but does come with a short three inch down rod to mount it on.

Bottom Line

The Hunter Builder Deluxe is a great fan for anyone who wants a powerful, silent and good looking fan at a great price.

The Hunter Builder Deluxe comes with five beautiful Brazilian cherry or stained oak blades, giving it an elegant feel that will fit in with any décor. Its powerful three speed motor lets it move up to 5,110 cubic feet of air per minute and cool a room as large as 400 square feet, all without making a sound. The light fixture is made of frosted toffee colored glass, giving your room warm illumination. If you decide that you don’t want or need the light fixture, it is possible to mount the fan without it.

The fan is designed to be easy to install and can be installed in any room, even one with an angled ceiling. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor, as well as a one year warranty on the other parts of the fan. Accessories, such as a remote control are available if you want to make this already great fan even better.


  • Detachable light fixture lets you customize the fan to your needs.
  • Powerful three speed mode allows you to control the temperature without it making a sound.
  • Moves up to 5,110 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty on other parts.
  • Blades can be reversed making the fan an asset for heating your home in the winter.
  • Cool rooms as large as 400 square meters.
  • Includes easy to install three position mounting system.

Noise Level

The Hunter Builder Deluxe is equipped with a Whisper Wind three speed motor. Even at the highest speed settings the motor is silent, the only noise you will be able to hear is the sound of the air keeping your room cool. This means that you only have to worry about how cool you want to keep your home, not how much noise you are willing to put up with.

Energy Consumption

This fan is not the most energy efficient, moving less than 80 cubic feet of air per minute. The fact that the light fixture’s instructions recommend against using fluorescent light bulbs also reduces the energy efficiency of the fan. While the savings in air conditioning costs will more than make up for these costs, a more efficient fan would allow you to capture even more savings.

Why Hunter Builder Deluxe?

The Hunter Builder Deluxe is an elegant, attractively designed fan that meets all of the basics, but does not do much beyond that. It moves enough air to keep a sizable room cool and can be reversed to help heat a room in the winter, but the low energy efficiency and incompatibility with fluorescent bulbs keep it from being a truly great fan. If you need a fan that is incredibly quiet with a sophisticated design and don’t mind it need a bit more energy to run, the Hunter Builder Deluxe is the right fan for you.

See Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe on Amazon

Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Discus – Best Indoor Fan

Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L, Discus


This Monte Carlo fan includes five blades to as much as 5,209 cubic feet of air per minute, enough to cool a large room. The three speed reversible motor is designed to run as quietly as a whisper, letting you focus on controlling the temperature of your home rather than the noise level of the fan.


The light fixture is made of heavily frosted glass, to the point that the light it produces is too dim to effectively illuminate a room. The fan also uses a custom style of down rod available only from Monte Carlo, so if you were hoping to use your current down rod you’ll have to rethink that plan.

Bottom Line

The Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Discus fan is a mid-range fan that can help you control the temperature of a large room, but lacks the bells and whistles of more luxury models of fan.

This fan is designed with functionality rather than style in mind. It is made of plain white plastic giving it a modern, but ultimately uninteresting aesthetic. In terms of functionality it meets the standards of modern fans. It has a three speed motor that lets you customize the air flow to the temperature of your home.

The motor is also reversible so you can use the fan to keep your home warm in the winter. One place where the fan does is excel is the noise level of the motor, which is quiet as a whisper. The light fixture is made of heavily frosted glass which prevents the lighting from feeling harsh but also makes it too dim to illuminate the room the fan is installed in. If you are looking for a way to add a few luxury features to the fan, accessories such as a remote control are available for purchase.


  • Three speed motor for close control of the temperature of your home.
  • Reversible to help heat your home in the winter.
  • Moves up to 5,209 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Frosted glass light fixture.
  • Pull chain speed selection with optional remote control sold separately.
  • Can be mounted flush or with a down rod.
  • Contemporary design fits with most aesthetics.

Noise Level

The Monte Carlo Five Blade fan comes with a whisper quiet three speed motor. No matter which speed or direction you run the fan at you won’t have to worry about hearing the noise of the motor. The only sound the fan produces is the sound of the air moving around you home.

Energy Consumption

This fan was not designed with energy efficiency in mind but fans generally do not require much energy to operate. The fan requires 64 Watts to run and moves as much as 81 cubic feet of air per minute per Watt of energy used. Using the fan properly to augment your air conditioning or heating units will help you reduce the energy those appliances consume, reducing your energy bill in the end.

Why Monte Carlo Discus 5DI52WHD-L?

The Monte Carlo Five Blade fan is a mid-range fan designed with functionality at a reasonable price, rather than aesthetic, in mind. If you are looking for a basic fan that will help you control the temperature of you home and do not mind the lack of bells and whistles or the basic aesthetic, then this fan is the perfect choice for you.

See Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Price on Amazon

Other Top Contender Ceiling Fans

Minka-Aire F905L-DK, Artemis XL5 LED Distressed Koa

The Minka-Aire F905-DK is a good option for those who are looking for an elegant look, contemporary ceiling fan. This fan is great for complementing decors in your home. It has one halogen light bulb and includes down rod. The motor is DC which is more efficient than any motors but may cost may be more. This fan has an air flow capacity of 8289 CFM at max level. There are three colors available: Brown (Distressed Koa), Silver and White.

See Minka-Aire F905L-DK Price on Amazon

Fanimation FP7910OB Levon Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation FP7910OB Levon is a large ceiling fan that measures 29 x 12 x 11 inches which make its great option for residential and industrial. This fan has earned it Energy Star Certification which makes it one of the many efficient ceiling fans like the Emerson Midway Eco. The blades are made of wood and has one incandescent light bulb. The maximum air flow capacity is 5605 CFM and is capable of reverse air functionality. This fan has four available colors: Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Brush Nickel and Matte White.

See Fanimation Levon Price on Amazon

Haiku Home HK52CB L Series Indoor, Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan

The Haiku Home L Series is not just your typical ceiling fan. Well, it is just a WiFi enable ceiling fan that lets you control through mobile application on Android and IOS mobile platforms. In addition, it works well with Amazon Echo (Alexa) to let you control the fan through voice commands. Also, this unit has a remote control included if you don’t prefer the latter. What’s great thing about this fan is its Energy Star Certification. This fan consumes only 17.7 watts of power. The integrated LED lights has brightness levels up to 16 brightness settings. This fan is available in Black, Caramel/Black combination, Caramel/White combination and White.

See Haiku Home HK52CB L Series Price on Amazon

Monte Carlo 8TNR56BKD

Monte Carlos’s Turbine Collection, the Monte Carlo 8TNR56BKD 56” Turbine displays not just modern aesthetic but also performance with its superb 8333.7 CFM air flow capacity. Incorporated with a DC motor, you could expect a great energy efficiency. It has integrated uplight and downlight which includes four 25W candelabra bulbs and two 35W G9 halogen bulbs respectively. The lightings is not that superb to brighten up your room so you may need a separate lighting for your room. There is a remote included for this fan that controls speed, reverse functionality and lightings. This fan is available in Rubberized White and Matte Black.

See Monte Carlo 8TNR56BKD Price on Amazon

Casablanca Fan Company 59197 Correne Indoor Ceiling Fan

This fan is not just crafted but inspired by Scandinavian interior design which utilizes the use of natural materials. The Correne is part of Casablanca Fan Company’s 2016 collection. What’s good about this fan is its three options to choose to mount the fan: standard, flushed or angled mounting. The motor works quietly and efficiently without compromising its performance. The 17W LED light is dimmable and can be controlled through the remote control. This fan has a reverse functionality. The maximum air flow capacity is 7152 CFM.

See Casablanca 59197 Correne Price on Amazon

Selecting A Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fans for living room

There are several factors that go into selecting an ideal fan for your space. The list below includes just a few features to consider before making a purchase.

  • Room Size – The best ceiling fans for large rooms will need a higher airflow speed (CFM). You’ll find this quality in many Energy Star models.
  • Motor – The size of the motor isn’t quite as important as airflow and energy efficiency. However, you’ll want a motor that is large and quiet to effectively distribute air. The best motors are backed by excellent warranties.
  • Noise – The noise a fan makes is a direct result of its motor. If you hear clicking or humming it is likely that the motor is undersized.
  • Reversible Airflow Functionality – Do you think that ceiling fans can only be used during warm, summer days? Not anymore in this era as new technology brought a reversible dual functionality to let a fan circulate warm air during cold, winter days.
  • Air flow – The higher the CFM, the more the air will circulate. As mentioned above higher CFM is usually found on Energy Star models. Also, check out windmill style ceiling fans as they have a higher air flow considering the numerous blades they have.
  • Energy efficiency – Look for the Energy Star label. These fans are the most efficient, and will cost the least each month.
  • Size – Huge fans are only going to be needed for large gyms or huge recreational rooms. Consider the space and ask a professional.
  • Certification – Most popular certifications for household appliances are UL, ETL and Energy Star. UL certification lets you know that the product is safety for operation. The ETL certified product assures you that it is in compliance with the North American safety standards. The Energy Star certified product lets you know that it is energy efficient. Consider these certifications as one of the factors to buy a ceiling fan.
  • Price – Better fans will likely be a bit more expensive upfront, but they’ll save you money in the long run.
  • Material – Generally speaking, the blades are made of wood, MDF or particleboard, and selecting which type is best is all according to personal preferences.

Selecting The Best Ceiling Fan For You

Picking the proper ceiling fan is determined mostly by personal preferences, but the size of the room you’re trying to cool is also important. If the main objective when making a purchase is cooling and efficiency, selecting an Energy Star model that has the highest airflow at each of its three speeds is your best bet.

Fans that include lights can be an elaborate focal point in a room, too. If you’re using a fan to cool a room and for light, it’s going to bump up the amount you’re spending per hour, so be certain to purchase a fan that has energy-efficient lighting. A new fan that includes an energy-efficient lighting kit will keep the temperature down, look sharp and work great as a light source without spending a lot of extra dough on electricity.

Where do you like your ceiling fan be installed?

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Outdoor

The Best Ceiling Fan Makers

The best ceiling fan manufacturer is a topic that is up for debate because it depends on what you’re hoping to get out of your fan purchase. When considering what fan to buy, most people want several qualities; energy efficiency, smart designs and features, high performance and an affordable price. A list is included below that features some of the best companies in their designated specialty.

Energy Efficiency: Emerson

Emerson has been making ceiling fans with energy efficiency in mind since 1890. The company continuously updates their models, and each fan is made from the best materials to create excellent airflow and quiet motors. In 2009 the company produced the EcoMotor that was up to three times more efficient than other motors on the market.

Design and Feature: Minka Aire

Minka Aire produces the most stylish and interesting fans on the market. They offer the traditional four to five blade fans, but they also offer a variety of embellished fans to fit every home’s aesthetics. You can also find the best ceiling fans with lights and remote from Minka Aire.

Performance: Casablanca

Casablanca fans are known for unmatched performance. They were the first company to offer a fan operated by remote control, and they continue to upgrade their computerized models. They also offer many products with extremely large, quiet motors.

Best Value: Hunter/Westinghouse/Litex

The Hunter, Litex and Westinghouse companies are identified by their great great performance yet affordable prices. They pride themselves on producing the latest trends in fan at reasonable values. Westinghouse has been around for almost 70 years and Hunter has been around since the late 1880s.

Closing Thoughts

Cooling your house this summer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By installing a fan you’re not only doing your part to keep your electric bill down, but you’re also adding value to your home. As mentioned above, the best fans are chosen based on personal preference. However, you can stay cool (pun intended) on your next fan venture by remembering the important information, tips and strategies included in this article.

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