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The Best Tower Fan for Your Home 2019

Best Tower Fan for Your Home

What is a Tower Fan?

A tower fan is a regular fan with a sleek design that makes it compact but effective. They usually oscillate, allowing air to blow in a 90 degree angle. They tend to be tall and narrow, allowing them to fit into tight places, and some have an adjustable base, making them even taller. Many feature air ionization, so not only is the air cooled, it is cleaned and freshened too. There are a lot of different tower fans out there, but the best tower fan for you depends on your needs.

Comparison: Top Rated Tower Fans

Tower FanWeightRemote ControlSpeed SettingsTimerOscillation
Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04
9 poundsYes3YesYes
Ozeri Ultra 42” Oscillating Tower Fan
11.7 poundsYes3YesYes
Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan
12.2 poundsYes3YesYes
Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan
10.4 poundsYes8YesYes
Honeywell HYF290B Quietset
9.3 poundsYes8YesYes
Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan
9.2 poundsYes3YesYes
Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan
12.3 poundsYes3YesYes
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan
18.2 poundsYes3YesYes
Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan
12.1 poundsYes3YesYes
Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan
10.7 poundsYes4YesYes

Note: Product Images, Weight, Remote Control, Speed Settings and Timer are obtained via Amazon.com

Tower Fan Buying Guide

There are tons of different tower fans on the market, so when you’re buying, start by asking yourself a few questions:

What are the physical characteristics of the fan?

  • Size
  • Noise
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Style

Is this fan the perfect size to fit in the corner, and does the style match the rest of your home? The material used to make the fan and the weight are two major factors to consider. You want something made from durable plastic or metal and something that weights enough to keep it grounded but light enough to move with ease. Lastly, choose a fan that is quiet. Most fans probably claim to be quiet, so make sure to check out tower fan reviews to see what other customers say about the noise.

What are the features?

  • Remote control
  • Easy-to-understand controls
  • Oscillation
  • Filtration

Having a remote control with your fan lets you turn it off or on from a distance, which is especially useful if you use it in your bedroom. However, make sure the controls are easy to understand. Most tower fans oscillate, but the best oscillating fan will offer different speeds. Lastly, determine if it filtrates the air. If so, make sure you understand how. If it uses filters, you may need to replace them, which costs additional money and influence your decision.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

  • Sturdy grate
  • Narrow grate
  • Soft blades
  • Energy use
  • Automatic shut off

You want to ensure your fan is safe, especially if you have kids. Check the grate over the fan to ensure it is sturdy and not wide enough for your children’s fingers. If, somehow, your children do get their fingers in the blade, a soft blade prevents them from getting severely cut or injured. Of course, you also want to consider if it is safe for the environment. Check how much energy it uses and if it has an automatic shut off to save energy if you leave the house or fall asleep while it’s on.

How much space do you need to cool?

  • Smaller space
  • Larger space

If you just want to cool off a small bedroom, a fan with lower air circulation is fine. However, for larger, open rooms, you want something that is more powerful to circulate air more effectively. Instead of just reading the product review, make sure to check out tower fan reviews to get a good idea of the real power behind the fan.

Advantages of a Tower Fan

The best tower fan for you is definitely a better option than a pedestal fan or a table fan. Like pedestal fans, tower fans are long and easy to put in the corner. However, unlike pedestal fans, tower fans have a sleek design that is stylish and blends into the background. They are also more convenient than table fans because you can simply slide them into any corner or narrow space on your floor instead of placing them right on top of your table or desk, which can be distracting.

Reviews of the Five Best Tower Fans 2019

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan – Powerful Tower Fan with Purifying Effect


Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan has an incredibly powerful “air mover” featuring a bladeless design to reduce noise and choppiness. It has an attractive design that comes in multiple colors. The 10 different settings enable precise customization.


The fan comes with a hefty price tag. The fan’s base is light and potentially unstable. Remote uses infrared technology, requiring a line of sight to the fan.

Bottom Line

Dyson Air Multiplier is an attractive, unique, and powerful fan for people who need to cool an area of any size and are looking for a conversation piece. The price however restricts this model to people who are not price conscious.

Dyson’s new age, bladeless Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04 is as much a fan as a conversation piece. It comes in three different colors, letting buyers match it to any aesthetic. Its bladeless design is also sure to draw comments from anyone who hasn’t seen one before. The good news is that the lack of blades does not reduce the power of the fan. The total of 10 settings make it suited to cooling a room of any size. The Air Multiplier AM07 is the perfect high end fan for people with high end taste.

Performance and Features

The Air Multiplier boasts a number of features for ease of use and effectiveness. It features an oscillation feature which allows it to cool a wide area. Oscillation can be controlled with a one touch button on either the remote or the unit itself, making it easy to adjust on the fly. The one catch of this feature is that the fan does not remember the oscillation setting when it is turned off, but the ease of turning the oscillation on reduces this to a very minor annoyance.

The fan features 10 different speed settings making it customizable to any climate. It can provide a soft quiet breeze in the bedroom at night or a powerful gust in the living room during a hot sunny day. Its bladeless design keeps the breeze from feeling choppy, instead providing smooth, consistent airflow. The lack of blades also means that it doesn’t attract and retain dust, making it a breeze to clean.

The Air Multiplier comes with a remote that can control all of the fans settings, making it convenient to adjust the fan from afar. The fan can also be set on a timer between 15 minutes and 9 hours, allowing you to set it and forget it without worrying about leaving it on all night. The LED display makes it easy to see how much time is left before the fan shuts down and what power setting the fan is on.


The Dyson measures in at almost 40 inches tall, 7.5 wide and 4.3 deep, making it tall enough to provide good airflow, but thin enough to easily fit in most rooms. The fan comes with a cord that is over six feet long, making power outlets easy to reach, no matter where the fan is placed. The multiple power settings let you adjust the fan based on how the room’s size.

The fan is portable, weighing in at just over 6 pounds.  This, combined with its thin profile, makes it easy to move the fan from room to room. Be careful that you place the fan on a secure, flat surface, because the fan’s base is a bit light and can feel unstable on less secure surfaces.


The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04 has been designed with noise in mind and is significantly quieter than earlier models. The lack of fan blades ensure that there is no chopping sound from their movement. Most of the moving parts in the fan have been placed in a sound dampening casing to further reduce noise. For those who need a fan that is incredibly quiet, the 10 different speed settings make it easy to customize to specific needs.

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The fan is designed to be energy efficient, without affecting performance. The smoothness of the airflow produced by the fan cools the room pleasantly and reduces resistance against the fan’s motor, saving power. The fan’s timer setting and remote also save energy by making it easy to turn of the fan when it is no longer needed.

The fan comes with a two year parts and labor warranty. This makes repairs or other issues a breeze to solve. Dyson has a wide network of authorized resellers to make it easy to find a location near you.

Why choose Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04?

The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04 is a powerful, high-end fan that caters to people looking for a unique, conversation starting, and stylish way to cool a room. With a multitude of features to customize its performance, power, noise level, and energy use Dyson’s Air Multiple is ideal for the high-end fan shopper.

See Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Price on Amazon

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan – The Noiseless Fan

Ozeri Ultra 42” Oscillating Tower Fan, with Bluetooth


Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan’s multiple settings allow you to customize its performance to any room temperature or time of day. The easy to program timer makes it easy to save energy. The sound it produces can barely heard within the room. Plus, the sleek design allows it to fit with any décor.


The fan’s height cannot be adjusted while the fan is in use. The cost of entry is steeper than other tower fans.

Bottom Line

The Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan is an expensive fan with a number of bells and whistles but less than ideal construction. This fan should be perfect for someone looking for a stationary fan that packs some power.

Update: The new version of this fan offers a Bluetooth technology.

Ozeri Ultra 42” Oscillating Tower Fan is a towering device that can move a lot of air very quickly. Whether you need to keep a large living room cool through the day or just need reduce the sweltering heat of your bedroom as you go to sleep this fan will suit your needs. The Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan is Ozeri’s mid-level tower fan offering so it will be able to handle almost any household issue.

Performance and Features

The fan boasts a wide range of features to keep it easy to use and to ensure effective climate control throughout the room. The fan boasts a total of six settings, three for daytime use and three quiet settings designed for use at night. The daytime settings are powerful enough to cool a large room while the night settings are quiet enough to be used in a bedroom.

Beyond its excellent performance as a fan are the bells and whistles that are included. The fan comes with a long range remote, making it easy to adjust the temperature in the room without the need to get up and fiddle with settings on the fan. It also features a timer setting that is incredibly easy to use, making it easy to set the fan to automatically turn off, saving time and energy costs. The fan’s height is also adjustable, making it possible to customize the fan to the specific needs of each room. To round out these features is the fan’s aesthetic design. Its sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-thin design allow the fan to fit in and complement the decoration of any room.

The fan’s is ideal for cooling large rooms because of its oscillation feature. It is capable of turning a full 90 degrees, allowing for it to cover a full room if it is placed in the corner. The oscillation motor is quiet enough to use with the night time settings while you sleep. The remote can control the oscillation settings making it easy to adjust as needed to maximize air flow.


The fan stands between 32 and 42 inches tall depending on how its stand is set up. Its customizable height and 13 inch thin design make it easy to find a spot for the fan in any room of the house. The fan’s power cord is six feet long which makes it easy to reach the nearest power outlets.

The fan weighs in at 10 pounds, which is light enough to be moved from room to room if needed. The base has slip-resistant padding which can keep it stable enough to avoid falling over if you bump into it. The fan’s remote is also sturdy, and buttons on both the remote and the fan itself are clearly marked, making it easy to adjust the fan’s settings. To top things off, the fan is easy to clean.


The fan has been designed to maximize the air flow to sound ratio and does well at keeping noise down. The night time settings are quiet enough to fall asleep to and the oscillation of the fan is similarly quiet. Even the day time settings do not produce a sound loud enough to cause distraction, making this the ideal fan for a quiet environment.

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch fan has been designed with efficiency in mind and uses a reasonable amount of electricity. Its power saving features include a timer that can be set between 1 and 12 hours, making it possible to turn off after you fall asleep and don’t need the cool air. The remote that allows you to control the fan from a distance, making it easy to turn down, reducing energy use.

The fan comes with a one year, no questions asked warranty, providing confidence that any issues with the fan can be quickly and easily resolved. Ozeri customer service is prompt and professional to ensure that repairing your fan is a painless process.

Is Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan a good buy?

The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch fan is a top of the line tower fan that provides a good combination of power, features, noise level, and energy efficiency. Anyone looking to cool a large space with a sleek, thin, and easy to move fan should look at this model. With its features and impressive performance, this fan is worth every penny.

See Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan Price on Amazon

Lasko 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan #2554 – Delivers Much Comfort in Your Home


The Lasko fan does a great job of circulating air so when it’s turned on the entire room is crisp and cool. It’s also very easy to put together since the fan comes fully assembled, the only thing you need to attach is the base. The fan is also nice and quiet and hardly makes any noise and it’s so easy to operate that even a child can turn it on and off.


The fan can be a little cumbersome to transport and is also very top heavy. This can make it a challenge to move the fan from room to room and instead it’s probably best to keep the fan stationary in one room.

Bottom Line

When all is said and done, the Lasko fan is a very reasonable product that gets the job done.  The fan is very easy to put together and keeps any room crisp and cool for hours of comfort!

The purpose of a fan is to make the room that you’re in as comfortable as possible.  With the Lasko Wind Curve fan, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in a room full of fresh, cold air.  Not only is the fan very stylish and chic in its appearance, but it has a revolutionary design which really helps maximize the amount of cool, fresh air that’s blown from its vents.  The fan is very versatile and can be used in any environment that needs cooling from your home to the workplace.

Performance and Features

There are a number of distinct features that makes the Lasko Wind Cure Fan one of the top air cooling fans in the marketplace.  One of the unique features of this product is how it is able to stand on its own while it circulates air.  The fan itself is a portable stand-alone fan with slip-resistant feet and it’s the perfect height, clocking in at 42 inches tall for excellent air circulation.

The fan is also very quiet that you can barely hear that it’s running when you have it turned on. This is certainly a defining feature of the product.  It features three quiet speed settings and the fan also has certain controls which help regulate the oscillation.  The fan does a nice job of rotating so that it is able to keep all parts of a room nice and evenly cool.

The fan features a fresh air ionizer which does a nice job of making sure that the air in the room is regulated and stabilized.  It’s also quite easy to regulate the fan’s usage so that it can be operated efficiently and effectively.  The fan can be set for 1/2 – 7-1/2 hours of use with an electronic timer and includes a multi-function remote control for convenience.  The remote makes it easy to change the functions of the fan without having to get up!


The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is a very practical fan to utilize.  The size of the fan contributes to the usability.  The unit’s size is 42 1/2″ tall and measures 13”x 13”.  There are a number of distinct reasons that make the Lasko one of the most sought after fans on the marketplace today.  The high-reaching tower design is equipped so that the fan is able to provide maximum air delivery.  Not only that but the fan comes with a fresh air ionizer option so that you can make sure that the air you are breathing is filtered and fresh!

The Lasko fan is also overall easy to transport and it comes equipped with an easy-carry handle.  In addition, you’re able to control the fan from anywhere in the room since there’s a handy remote control.  You’ll also never lose the remote since it can be hooked onto the fan in its own storage area.

Such a practical and portable fan to own!


As the saying goes, some things should be seen (or felt) and not heard.  Well in the case of the Lasko fan, you will definitely feel the fresh, cold air being blown around the room but won’t have to worry about any needless humming.  The fan operates very smooth and quiet so that you barely know that it’s even turned on.  All you’ll feel is the nice cool air, but will barely hear a hum.

 Stay cool without all the noise

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Lasko fan is not only a great way to stay cool, but it is also very easy on the environment.  The fan is Energy Star approved, so it only uses a limited amount of energy.  This means you won’t see an astronomical energy bill after using the fan.

What’s also nice about the Lasko fan, like Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan, is that it comes with a limited 1- year warranty so that you can purchase the product with confidence.  The chances are that you’ll really enjoy the fan, but in case you don’t there is the ability to get your money back.  Not only that, but if the fan malfunctions for any reason, you’ll be able to get it quickly repaired by the manufacturer.

Save money on energy and enjoy piece of mind with a warranty

Why choose Lasko 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan #2554?

You have many types of cooling fans to choose from in the marketplace, but with the Lasko Wind Curve Fan you’ll be in good hands.  This fan stands apart in the marketplace because the tall, gracefully sleek fan complements any décor while adding cooling comfort to home or office.  There are a plethora of features that add to the fan’s desirability, including a three speed settings and a wide-area oscillation feature, it efficiently provides a gentle breeze throughout any room!

See Lasko Wind Curve Fan Price on Amazon

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Efficient and Worth the Price

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is an unbelievably quiet fan which makes it an ideal bedroom fan since it won’t wake you up when sleeping. There are eight speeds instead of the standard three. Lastly, there is a nice temperature gauge that makes it easy to see the temp and there’s even an automatic timer, which will shut the fan after a set amount of time, up to eight hours.


While the Honeywell Tower Fan is overall quite good, there are a few drawbacks starting with the base, which is not as sturdy or solid as it should be. This can cause the fan to wobble a little when it starts to gain speed. The LED control panel is a little bright, so you have to manually cover it when you’re sleeping or it will keep you up.

Bottom Line

Overall the Honeywell QuiteSet Tower Fan is worth the purchase because it’s really one of the quietest fans on the marketplace.  It’s the perfect fan to use when you’re sleeping and there’s so much speed control that there’s a fan speed for every comfort level

The Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan was designed to offer eight quiet cooling settings, which is truly the most speed settings for any fan in the marketplace. This elegant fan is perfect for any kitchen or living room and features both breeze and oscillation settings.  Some other features worth pointing out include a digital thermostat and a one- to eight-hour shut-off timer.  The fan is light-weight so you’re able to move it from room to room with ease as well.  Although, you most likely won’t want to move the fan from your bedroom since Honeywell designed the fan to be used while you’re asleep.

Performance and Features

The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is simply one of the best on the market.  It has a number of features that allow it to be a top performer, but it’s prime selling point is how quiet the fan can be.  When the fan is turned on, you can barely hear the air as it blows out of the vents.  The fan also has distinct oscillation and breeze settings which make it very simple and practical to utilize.

Even better, the fan can be controlled without even leaving the comfort of your bed.  It comes with a wireless remote control so you can turn it on/off and monitor the speeds with ease. To that point, the fan has 8 different speeds of quiet control so you can play around with them to determine which speed best fits your needs.

While the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is best used in the bedroom, you can also easily transport the product by easily picking it up with a convenient carry handle.  The fan is also very lightweight so it won’t break your back either.

This product is the perfect fan to use when sleeping


The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is very user friendly.  It’s really one of the most practical fans on the market today.  No one wants to have a noisy fan, and with the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan you won’t have to worry about needless noise.  The fan virtually sounds the same whether it’s turned on or off – it’s really just is that quiet!

The fan stands at 32.8” tall and weighs 10.6lbs, so it’s overall not that heavy and does not take up too much space. Although it might be small, it’s definitely very mighty since it can cool a room up to 1500 sq ft.  The fan is really only meant to be used indoors and is powered electronically, so you’ll need an outlet nearby.  Honeywell did a nice job of designing the fan as well as it’s made of hard plastic, so you know it will be durable and can withstand wear and tear. Currently the Honeywell QuietSet only comes in black, but it has a nice and stylish design.

A very practical and functional cooling fan


The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan has really written the book on noiseless fans.  The noise level for this fan is nearly non-existent.  The fan is so quiet that it’s best recommended to be used in the bedroom since you will feel the coolness without hearing any noise.  Users of the fan can’t believe how little noise the fan makes when it’s turned on. The fan is just fairly quite and not as silent as  Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 and Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan.

The fan’s noise-level is virtually non-existant

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan must be used with electricity.  However, since the product is Energy Star approved, it has been made in the most energy efficient way possible.  Not only does it use minimal energy, but it will also make sure that you’re energy bill does not become astronomical.  Now that’s some good news for both your wallet and the environment!

While you’re not likely to have any issues with the Honeywell QuietSet Fan, just in case the product is protected by a 1-year warranty.  This is put into place incase you need to replace a part or have the fan serviced during the first year.  The company is so confident in the product that they’ll also allow you to return the fan and receive a refund.  Chances are though that you’ll be so amazed by how cool and quiet the fan is that you won’t need to use the warranty.

Good fan for the environment and you’re wallet


With so many cooling fans on the market it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for your needs.  You really don’t need to look any further than the Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan.  This fan has 8 different levels of cooling and operates very quietly for maximum comfort with minimum disruption! Its slim design takes up very little space in the room and the oscillation mode offers complete room coverage.  So don’t look any further, buy a Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan!

See Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Price on Amazon

Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan – A Simple Fan for Efficient Cooling

Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan


Staying cool has never been easier thanks to the Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan which comes complete with three speed settings. Other pros of the fan product include oscillation for some wide area coverage. The product is also very mobile and user-friendly with an integrated carry handle and a top mounted control panel.


The biggest concern about this fan is that the plastic utilized could be improved a little sturdier. Also, the base of the product is a little cheap and has a tendency to wobble and wiggle when the fan is turned on.

Bottom Line

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is the only fan you’ll need if you’re looking for a quiet and efficient fan.  This fan will keep you cool and will be easy on your bank account and energy bill.

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is really a must-have fan for those who want to keep cool, but also want a fan that’s portable and easy to move.  The Holmes Tower Fan can be easily transported so it can be used anywhere in your home or office with ease.  The integrated handle and lightweight design make the fan really easy to carry. This fan also does a really nice job of dispersing the air all around a room too.  The fan oscillates for even air distribution and features three speed settings for flexible operation.

Performance and Features

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan has a number of distinct features that make it a top contender in the air-cooling space. Some of its unique selling points are how quiet, portable and accessible the fan can be. The fan also has distinct oscillation and breeze settings which make it very simple and practical to utilize.  It’s so easy to use that even a small child could operate it!

Another nice feature of the Holmes Tower Fan is that you can control the fan setting without getting up from the couch or your bed.  It comes with a wireless remote control so you can power it on and off and adjust the speeds with ease. The fan has 3 speed settings so you can select which level of speed best fits your needs.

Since the fan is so easily portable, you can move the Holmes Tower Fan to anyplace that you would like cooled.  Picking it up with a convenient carry handle can easily transport the product from room to room or place to place.  You don’t have to worry about overexerting yourself either, since the fan doesn’t weigh all too much.

The air-cooling fan you’ll ever need for a reasonable price


The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is truly a remarkable product in the air-cooling space.  With many products to select from, this fan really stands apart because it is very functional, practical and usable.  The fan has a nice sleek and modern design and typically comes in white and black color, which can blend in with just about any décor.

Since the fan is lightweight, clocking in at only 15 lbs, you can easily transport it to any place that needs some cooling.  When it comes to height, the fan is 31” tall and is relatively trim at 6.4” wide and 7.9” long.   Not only is the fan very functional, but it’s also quite the attractive unit.

A sleek and efficient cooling fan


The Holmes Tower Fan is overall a very practical product not just because it does an excellent job at cooling down your living quarters but it also does this with very little noise.  When the fan is in use there is only a slight humming noise the same with Lasko Wind Curve Fan.  While you can tell the unit is on, it’s not overly loud or annoying.  This makes the fan practical for just about any room, including your bedroom for usage when sleeping!

Very little noise from the fan

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is very energy efficient because it uses very little electricity.  The nice thing about this fan is that it has been made in the most energy efficient way possible.  Minimal energy is used so will also help keep down your electric bill so you won’t be breaking the bank!

While you’re not likely to have any issues with the Holmes Tower Fan, just in case the product is protected by a 3-year warranty. This means there really is no risk to purchase the fan because if it breaks or you aren’t satisfied you can get a refund!

Very little energy, yet maximum cooling

 Why choose Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan?

With the Holmes Tower Fan your home will be kept cool and comfortable. With three speeds for personalized comfort, this oscillating tower fan is the ideal cooling device for living room or bedroom use. Quiet and efficient operation over a wide coverage area makes the Holmes Tower Fan uniquely suited to non-obtrusive climate control. Not only that, but it’s easy to transport the fan around the house.  Lightweight for easy portability and efficient for full-room cooling, the Holmes Tower Fan is a smart buy for those warm summer days!

See Holmes HT38RB-U Price on Amazon

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