9 Best Bathroom Wall Heaters That are Safe for Wet Locations

Bathroom Wall HeaterIs the shower oftentimes too hot or too cold? Do you feel the chill once you step out of it? Whether you are preparing for your day or sleep it’s important that we feel comfortable within our dwellings. Regulate your bathroom’s temperature with a bathroom wall heater that is safe in wet locations.

Best Bathroom Wall Heaters Comparison

ImageBrand & ModelHeater TechnologyRoom Coverage


Heat Storm Phoenix Wall Heater with Wifi Model: HS-1500-PHX-WIFHeat Storm Phoenix HS-1500-PHX-WIFIInfrared150 sq. ft. See Price
Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater - HS-1000-WXHeat Storm Deluxe HS-1000-WXInfrared, Fan-forced100 sq. ft. See Price
King Electric 240V 47-Inch Cove Heater ki6021King Electric Cove HeaterRadiant, Convection60 sq. ft. See Price
Cadet Energy Plus 2 Electric Wall Heater Model: CEC163TWCadet Energy Plus 2 CEC163TWFan-forced160 sq. ft. See Price
Stiebel Eltron CNS 120V Wall Mounted Convection HeaterStiebel Eltron CNSConvection150 sq. ft. See Price
Dimplex TWH Series Fan-Forced Wall HeatersDimplex TWH SeriesFan-forced200 sq. ft. See Price
QMark SSAR Smart Series Programmable Wall HeatersQMark SSAR Smart SeriesFan-forced180 - 480 sq. ft. See Price
QMark HT Smart Series 240V Programmable Digital Wall Heater Model: HT2024SSQMark HT Smart Series HT2024SSConvection, Fan-forced200 sq. ft. See Price
Cadet Com-Pak Bath 1000-Watt Wall Heater Model: CBC103TWCadet Com-Pak Bath CBC103TWFan-forced100 sq. ft. See Price

Why heater is ideal for bathroom

Focused heating for your bathroom. You may have centralized heating for your home but turning it on just to heat-up your bathroom for a little bit might not be too efficient nor ideal. Other alternatives would also prove to be a lot more expensive or inappropriate for bathrooms.

Especially during winter, it gets really chilly so you tend to have second thoughts of stepping into the shower or stepping out of it once you’re done. Well, those days are numbered should you decide to purchase a bathroom wall heater.

A bathroom wall heater will focus on heating-up your bathroom for you in just a couple of minutes. It’s easy to use, straightforward, won’t take up much space, no-hassle installation, and maintenance too.

Takes care of your bathroom fixtures. As we all know, bacteria breeds on wet surfaces. And if that’s the case then bathrooms are a breeding ground right? Yuck! Don’t worry, once you employ a bathroom wall heater, somehow germs and bacteria will be lessened if not controlled.

Once your common bathroom fixtures like your mirror, sink, faucet, toilet, shower, and bathtub are dry because of the frequent heating process then not only will they be comfortable to use but at the same time problems like mold, mildew, and dirt will possibly be eliminated.

These wall heaters also help decrease the level of unnecessary moisture within the air in your bathroom.

Fight Odor. After fighting off moisture then naturally since the growth of bacteria and other germs are controlled, the odor will follow next. Gone are the days when you have to shower in smelly bathrooms once you start using a bathroom wall heater.

Budget-friendly. Bathroom wall heaters are affordable devices that bring about a lot of benefits for you and the family. Even the added energy boost it brings to your day is enough to get back value for what you invested. You just can’t go wrong with it.

The positives it brings would help you save money too in the long run.

Best Bathroom Wall Heater to Buy in 2024

Heat Storm Phoenix Wall Heater HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

Heat Storm Phoenix Wall Heater with Wifi Model: HS-1500-PHX-WIFI​

ETL Rated; Bathroom-Friendly

Let’s start our best bathroom wall heater review with the versatile Heat Storm Phoenix HS-1500-PHX-WIFI. We’re starting with one of the most innovative units on our list not mentioning a heater that is also suitable to other areas of your home.

Efficient zone heating is what this Heat Storm Phoenix heater offers. Utilize 1500 watts of heating for up to 150 square feet of space. The signature construction of this unit will not allow any heat loss with its infrared quartz bulbs.

You can choose from full heating and energy-efficient heating. The latter would operate at half power making it energy efficient. You’ll have access to its control with a digital display. It’s got an adjustable thermostat, HVAC calibration, and Fahrenheit or Celsius option.

Mount it on your bathroom’s finished drywall as it is perfect for drafty areas of your house and will provide that much-needed heating for such spaces. The design is unobtrusive enough at 16.5 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 3 inches deep.

It’s got a  washable filter, overheat protection, anti-trip technology, child lock buttons, it is ETL rated, has a cool touch body, no exposed heating components, and lightweight at 10 pounds.

The cool Wi-Fi connectivity feature will allow you to share access of the heater to the family remotely on your smartphones. Also, you can utilize your Google Home or Amazon Echo for it.


  • Energy efficient
  • Compact design
  • Powerful enough
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Easy to setup and straightforward controls


  • Can be a bit noisy
Bottom Line
This unit is for someone or households that are always on the go. It is versatile so you can install it anywhere and not just in your bathroom. Anyone can control it remotely with their smartphones. If you live a busy lifestyle and looking for a decent heater at an affordable rate then this is for you.

Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater HS-1000-WX

Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater - HS-1000-WX

ETL Rated; Bathroom-Friendly

Perfect for small bathrooms, let us discuss the compact Heat Storm Deluxe HS-1000-WX next. Unlike the previous Heat Storm product we discussed, this one is a bit conventional but also a bit more affordable.

With 3,100 BTUs this unit is capable of heating 50 to 100 square feet of space. It uses infrared heat, it is easy to install and will allow you to set the temperature, plus it’s quite noiseless when in operation.

This unit only weighs 8 pounds and only 16 inches high so all-in-all it would only occupy 2 square feet of your insulated wall. It plugs into a standard 120V outlet and comes with a level to help you with the holes where the screws would fit so you can hang the unit on them.

The unit is designed to be bathroom friendly. It has enough power and the infrared heat is then dissipated by a fan. It has a plastic backing and has a well-insulated interior so there won’t be any risk of electrocution.

This Heat Storm unit is also energy efficient as it uses an automated energy sensor instead of turning the unit on and off whenever needed which results in spikes in energy consumption.

This heater is also ETL-Intertek approved, it is proven safe, cool to touch, and has a decent filtration system.


  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Energy efficient
  • Balanced heat


  • Don’t expect it to be very powerful
  • Some parts may break prematurely
Bottom Line
If you are on a budget and need the heating on your bathroom right away then this is the unit that you should grab. It is one of the best in its category or its price range. You’ll get good quality heating with all the features necessary.

 King Electric 47-Inch Cove Heater

King Electric 240V 47-Inch Cove Heater

UL Listed; Bathroom-Friendly

If you’re looking for a subtle way to heat-up your bathroom, small office spaces, or any room in your house then you should go for the King Electric 47-Inch Cove Heater. This 240V heater packs 600 watts of power.

The King Electric Cove Heater is powered by a combination of infrared and convection technology. It is almost maintenance-free and the 47-inch long body should be inconspicuous enough for everyone.

Pair it up with your thermostat so that you can control the room temperature as you desire. You’ll have quiet and immediate heat with this unit. It has a durable construction, made in the USA, and is built to last.

It is quite an energy efficient and comes in almond and white finish options.


  • Subtle design
  • Durable
  • Quick and easy to use, install, and maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • UL listed


  • Only good as a supplementary heating source
Bottom Line
This heater is perfect for bathrooms that do not have a lot of space. You can just install this about 2.5 inches below the ceiling and it’s out of your way. If you’re looking to add heating at your home or office this is a go-to unit. It’s guaranteed to last but it’s got very little heating power especially for its price tag.

Cadet Energy Plus 2 Electric Wall Heater CEC163TW

Cadet Energy Plus 2 Electric Wall Heater Model: CEC163TW​

UL Listed; Bathroom-Friendly

Let’s go to another product that’s proudly made in the USA, introducing the Cadet Energy Plus 2 CEC163TW.

This here is a wired heater but you don’t need a thermostat for it as that’s already built-in. the uniqueness of the design on this unit is not just on its aesthetics but in its internal wirings too. It will work on a range of 110 to 240 volts.

It’s got an automatically adjustable fan and you will be able to set the temperature in your bathroom easily. Just take note the lower the voltage it works with the lower the power output. That’s a range of 1000 watts to 1600 watts maximum.

This unit also uses up 30% less energy than your standard bathroom wall heater. It’s got a unique digital display and its sleek design almost looks like a throwback of some sort.

It is durable, operates quietly, and has safety features onboard.


  • Great all-around build
  • Unique and attractive design aesthetically
  • Wattage sensor
  • Large temperature range
  • Has a night setting


  • Requires professional installation
Bottom Line
This unit is one of the best bathroom wall heaters out there. It’s a bit expensive but as you can see we didn’t write that down as a disadvantage because this one right here with its features and quality build is a steal. This should be a good investment in a long run.

Stiebel Eltron CNS 120V Wall Mounted Convection Heater

Stiebel Eltron CNS 120V Wall Mounted Convection Heater

ETL Rated; Bathroom-Friendly

Next up on our best bathroom wall heater review is the durable Stiebel Eltron CNS 120V Wall Mounted Convection Heater. This unit is a blend of old-school convection technology and innovative heating wrapped on galvanized steel.

It may not look as attractive but it is reliable and efficient not to mention that it comes with a 3-year warranty deal. With this unit, you will have two thermostat options. It’s got a built-in one and a separate programmable thermostat so choose which works best for your setup.

It’s got two models, one that has 1000 watts for power and the other with 1500 watts. Naturally, the former is ideal for smaller rooms and the latter for slightly larger ones.

It is ETL listed, it’s got overheat protection, it is quiet, and also has frost protection setting which turns the unit on when the temperature goes down to a certain level. The exact opposite of the overheat protection feature, cool right?


  • Durable construction
  • Overheat and frost protection
  • Balanced heat output
  • Thermostat options
  • Quiet operation


  • Only comes in 120V
Bottom Line
At first, you might think that it should have more features for its price tag but you realize that it’s made in Germany and it’s built really tough. It may not look sleek but it’s going to give you a long service life. Sounds like your type of heater? Then go grab it!

 Dimplex TWH Series Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Dimplex T23WH0731CW Fan Forced Wall Heater

CSA, UL Listed; Bathroom-Friendly

Next up is the slim-designed Dimplex TWH Series Fan-Forced Wall Heaters. With dimensions of 17 x 9 inches, this one is compact and will fit in your bathroom easily and nicely with its simple white finish.

This is actually not just exclusive to the bathroom and is multipurpose. It fits anywhere where heating is needed and space is limited. It is ideal where there are exterior doors and are prone to chilly drafts.

Dimplex TWH Series runs in 240V and is just 3 inches deep. It uses a nickel-chromium element for its heating and the unit is durable and safe to use. It is fan-forced but is quite noiseless when operating and it provides quick heat thus resulting in quick comfort for everyone.

This unit has a fully louvered grill, overheat protection, has a finned tubular element for durability, and an auto-reset thermal for added security.


  • Slim design enables it to fit anywhere
  • Perfect for entryways
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Durable design
  • Quick heat


  • Thermostat is sold separately
  • Not the best design thereis
Bottom Line
If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile wall heater then this is the unit for you. It has good power and operates quietly so it is ideal not just for bathrooms but for spaces where it gets chilly and you don’t have centralized heating installed.

 QMark SSAR Smart Series Programmable Wall Heaters

QMark SSAR Smart Series Programmable Wall Heaters


Step into the high-end zone in our next couple of reviews, introducing the QMark SSAR Smart Series Programmable Wall Heaters. Now, this is what you call a smart wall heater. This is ideal for business establishments, like hotels, spas and restaurants.

It’s got an easy-touch digital control panel where you can control the thermostat with its aesthetics wrapped by a sleek aluminum grille. It’s got a compact design to so it will out of your way after mounting.

You’ll have voltage and wattage options with 4 different models available. So, determine the area of which you’d need heating and buy the appropriate model. That’s a range of 120 to 277V and a power range of 540 to 4800 watts.

What’s the point of smart wall heater if it’s not programmable? Well, this one is. It’s got a 5 and 2-day programming system and that’s further broken down to 4 distinct periods of the day. Have complete control over your temperature with this unit.


  • Ideal for businesses
  • Programmable temperature
  • Innovative design and cool aesthetics
  • Easy to set up and use
  • High-powered


  • It is a bit expensive
  • No certifications specified
Bottom Line
If you own a business and want high-quality heating for your bathroom whilst being inconspicuous then this is for you. It’s got enough power, needs very little human intervention, and has a presentable design for your customers. It will blend right in.

QMark HT Smart Series 240V Programmable Digital Wall Heater

QMark HT Smart Series 240V Programmable Digital Wall Heater Model: HT2024SS​


This second QMark product is their HT Smart Series 240V Programmable Digital Wall Heater. Still a high-end design for a wall heater but this is most likely an earlier version or a toned-down model.

You’ll still get some of the smart features, especially the programmable temperature control. You may use daily or weekly settings as you desire. Then break that down into 4 periods, the wake up, daytime, evening, and sleep periods.

It’s got a lockout feature that prevents anything you’ve set up to be accidentally changed, night-light operation, and vacation mode.

It’s still a very compact design with an LED display, easy to install, and a quiet operator. It runs at 240V with a max wattage of 2000.


  • Powerful heating
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms
  • Easy to control with the LED display
  • Programmable temperature
  • Compact design


  • Not a very popular model
  • No certification specified
  • Hefty price
Bottom Line
This is ideal for large bathrooms and small businesses. It’s got a sleek design that would allow it to blend in your fixtures. If you have the extra cash to spend on it then this is highly recommended.

 Cadet Com-Pak Bath 1000-Watt Wall Heater CBC103TW

Cadet Com-Pak Bath 1000-Watt Wall Heater Model: CBC103TW​

UL Listed; Bathroom-Friendly

Last but not least on our best bathroom wall heater review is the Cadet Com-Pak Bath CBC103TW.

It’s got 1000 watts of power that’s perfect for bathrooms with 100 sq. ft. size. Comes with a low profile grille, two-knob operation, and a compact design that should not take up much space.

Signature to the brand, this unit also has a multi-voltage design. It is durable as it is made of 20 gauge sheet metal so it is guaranteed to last. It’s got no sharp edges plus it comes with a 3-year warranty deal.

The built-in thermostat will allow for easy control of temperature and a second knob that will allow you to customize how long such a temperature setting should last.

It is UL listed, a quiet operator, has an auto-shutoff feature, and is quite easy to install.


  • Compact design
  • Wattage sensor
  • Balanced heating
  • Very versatile
  • Durable construction


  • It’s a bit expensive for its features
Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a medium-range bathroom wall heater in terms of price and quality then this is it. Easy to install, no-hassle maintenance, and balanced heating capacity, you got it. This unit should fit the bill nicely.

Bathroom Wall Heater Buying Guide

Bathroom Wall Heater Buying GuideHere are some important things to consider when shopping around for your first or next bathroom wall heater.


Bathroom wall heaters come in all shapes and sizes. It is advisable that before ordering a bathroom wall heater you got to know where you’re going to mount it and the amount space that you have in your bathroom.

How much space can it occupy given that it’s just going to be installed on your bathroom wall? Not much but there’s more to it. The shape, size, or the design of your bathroom wall heater is going to determine your options as to where you can place it.

Take note that the efficiency of your heater will be affected by its placement in your bathroom. We’re going to talk about this topic more in a later section.

Bathroom wall heaters can be a square, rectangle, or can be 50 inches long, so there’s a lot to consider here. If the product that you like comes in a sleek and stylish design then that’s just icing on the cake.

If the design that you’ll choose fits well on the dynamics of your bathroom then everything else will follow, you’re off to a great start.

Heater Technology

Bathroom wall heaters operate on a multitude of heater technology. Infrared, fan-forced, convection or radiant heating technology are your choices. There are advantages to each type and don’t worry because there are hybrids, as a matter of fact, most heaters nowadays are.

If you’re not familiar with the terms then just take note that convection heaters heats air and then transfers that heat onto other objects like people. Radiant technology, on the other hand, works by emitting infrared radiation which flows freely until it is impeded by another object.

Convection heaters rely on the movement of the air that’s why the heat is often fan-forced. Radiant heat is more direct that’s why you’ll feel its effects quickly compared to convection heaters.

Also, take a look at the Voltage range that a bathroom wall heater will work with. Some models work with multiple voltages.


Look for labels on whether a bathroom wall heater is energy efficient. Some use 30% less energy than others, some offer more savings. Most of the time, units with adjustable thermostat where you can control the level of heat are more energy efficient.

You’d usually find a green logo or icon on units that are certified energy efficient.

As we mentioned up top, the placement of your unit will greatly affect its efficiency too. These bathroom heaters in general will heat-up your bathrooms fast, but they can also use up a lot of energy. Be mindful of what you choose and how you use it.

Energy usage and heating capacity should go hand-in-hand when determining a unit’s efficiency. (Capacity will be discussed below).

Ease of Use, Installation and Maintenance

Easy and straightforward controls, readable display, and Wi-Fi controllability should allow you to easily use a bathroom wall heater. Installing these units will be a breeze and maintaining them has very little to no hassle too.

Just make sure that the unit caters you enough in terms of display, controls, light indicators, or ergonomically. You should also consider its weight and components like the fan for noise considerations. Of course, noiseless ones are ideal.

When it comes to maintenance, look at units with a good filtration system. And it is highly recommended that you install an exhaust fan if you’re going to use a bathroom heater.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a good add-on feature to have as it will allow you to control your bathroom wall heater remotely. Share it with everyone in the household and utilize modern technology like your smartphone, or maybe even Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Also, be wary of the thermostat, if your unit comes with an adjustable one then make sure to situate it on your bathroom appropriately.

Safety and other Features

Safety features on a heater sometimes make or breaks a consumer’s decision. And so should also be the case for you when you shop around for one.

Cool to touch feature should be the first thing to consider. Also, only purchase a unit that does not have any exposed heating component. That should be the case for most if not all models nowadays.

You should also consider overheat protection features, maybe an auto-shutoff feature. Anti-trip technology and child lock features will also come handy.

Lastly, consider units that have certification from leading organizations such as ETL, UL and CSA. This will ensure that the unit that you are buying has gone through the necessary tests needed before it is proven safe for the public. A unit that has a large temperature range is also quite desirable.

Brand and Price

Is there a brand that you already trust when it comes to home appliances? Bathroom wall heaters as you’ve read above will have tons of features. While some features are available to most there is also a lot more that aren’t available to other units or brands.

And that would make a difference in terms of pricing. The bathroom wall heater’s price tag varies significantly. Knowing what to look for and comparing it to what you need in your place would sometimes result in a good amount of savings.

How to calculate the right wattage for your bathroom

In this section, we shall explain how the heating capacity of your bathroom wall heater works. This is to help you determine how much the power of the unit that you’ll choose should have.

The best thing to remember when choosing the right power for your bathroom is that 10 watts is usually enough for a square foot. So say, for example, a unit has 1000 Watts then divide that by 10, then you know more or less than this unit is good for 100 square feet of space.

Wattage Square Feet
500 50
750 75
1000 100
1500 150
1800 180
2000 200
4000 400
4800 480

Bathroom wall heaters or heaters in general will have a minimum and maximum wattage. So don’t get confused if you see these on a unit’s specifications.

Also, a heater’s capacity is presented in BTUs. If you can’t find the wattage then just take note that 1 watt is equivalent to 3.41 BTUs. So a unit with 5118 BTUs can be divided by 3.41 and will be equivalent to 1500 watts and that’s good for 150 square feet.

You can also measure your bathroom beforehand and multiple the square foot measurement you got by 10 and you’ll know how much wattage the unit you will buy should have.

A few other things to take note is that infrared heaters will heat-up wider spaces fast. If your bathroom has poor insulation then use 12 watts instead of 10 in the equation.

Safety, Installation and Maintenance

Safety And Maintenance of Ventless Propane HeatersAs always we need to be careful when trying to set up a device, especially in a delicate place like a bathroom. Slipping, falling, and other accidents like electrocution might happen (knock on wood) if we aren’t careful enough.

Here are some safety tips when it comes to bathroom wall heaters.

  • It may be common sense but we need to point it out. Only install wall heaters that are meant for bathrooms! Including your portable heaters, you need to make sure that they work or are meant for damp environments. You don’t want to risk fire or electrocution.
  • Bathroom wall heaters are mostly waterproof but that’s to say that you risk for it to get wet all the time. Make sure to install them on a spot where it won’t get significant splashes of water all the time, or maybe none at all.
  • Also, be wary of pipes that may leak onto it. Or maybe a spot that is directly on top of your shower where there will be most likely lots of steam. As much as possible, install your bathroom wall heater onto a place where it’s unreachable by children.
  • Maybe not specifically for bathroom wall heaters or heaters in general but we’ll know that electrical appliances such as these can be fire hazards. It would be best to have a handy fire extinguisher with you at all times. You may never use it, but you never know.
  • Avoid obstructions within the bathroom wall heater’s path. Don’t put a towel on it nor any other bathroom stuff. Make sure it is unencumbered.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure to install it in a place where the flow of warm air won’t be blocked or else it will be useless or even dangerous.
  • Make sure that the bathroom wall heater is in a spot where the air circulation won’t be blocked. Keep it away from other objects and at the same time don’t put it in dead spaces such as behind your door because that again would render it useless.
  • Install your thermostat (if separate) away from the heater as much as possible so that it will be able to do a proper and accurate reading. Heaters with external thermostats are also ideal for spacious bathrooms.
  • Should you choose to hardwire (plug) your bathroom heater then make sure that you plug it in an outlet with the appropriate voltage.
  • When utilizing a bathroom wall heater your bathroom must have proper ventilation. Also, make sure that all electrical wirings (if any) are properly done by a professional. An exhaust fan and a bathroom heater should come hand-in-hand.
  • Mounting bathroom wall heaters should be easy, you don’t have to do something drastic like cutting into your wall. That’s why we specifically mentioned on our buyer’s guide that you consider the shape of your heater before buying it relative to your bathroom.
  • Always check the manufacture’s installation and maintenance instructions. Get a unit with easy to wash filter and parts, consideration for these tiny components would go a long way.

Energy Saving Guide for Bathroom Wall Heater

Just straightforward and practical tips on how you can save energy or keep your energy consumption low when you use bathroom wall heaters.

  • First of all, you already need to make sure that the bathroom wall heater that you bought is energy efficient. There are a lot of energy-efficient bathroom wall heaters on our list and make sure that you get the right unit for your needs is going to go a long way.
  • Also, another pre-emptive step to make sure you lessen your energy consumption is to already determine the right amount of power your bathroom is going to need. Review our power calculator section above should you need to.
  • Making sure to mount it properly and in the right place will also result in efficient heating of your bathroom thus saving more energy.
  • Remember that you have control over when to use your bathroom wall heaters. You’ll probably use it more during winter than in summer. Make sure to turn off your centralized heating when using your bathroom heater as supplemental heating.
  • Lastly, always determine the best type of bathroom for your situation and needs. Making sure to read our buyer’s guide above would greatly benefit you and result in savings whilst enjoying what a bathroom wall heater can bring.


Bathroom Wall Heater Your ChoiceBathroom wall heaters are not just some fancy add-on to your home. It’s affordable, efficient, and offers convenience like no other.

Making sure we are comfortable before and after taking a bath will do wonders for our mood and energy to get through the day, not mentioning comfort in our sleep.

We hope that you learned a thing or two from our comprehensive review and buyer’s guide that you now know which of the best bathroom wall heaters we’ve listed fits your lifestyle.

So once again, stay warm, stay safe, and have a great day ahead!

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