Haier HPD10XCM with Auto Evaporation Technology


The unit adequately cools a small room, and has similar features to other units on the market. Even though the unit evaporates most of the condensation, the manufacturer added a top drain so you could connect a hose and drain anything that does not evaporate.


After awhile, the hose turns brittle and falls apart if you try to move the unit. If you live in a humid area, you will end up draining the unit often.

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The Haier portable air conditioner comes with cooling options and three fan speeds so you can achieve your desired temperature with ease. It has an easy-to-install window kit and casters for improved mobility, and it uses auto evaporation technology to evaporate most of the condensation. This prevents it from leaking all over your floor and windowsill. However, the engineers even included a drain tube at the top of the machine so you can connect a hose for it to auto drain any excess condensation.

Performance and Features

The unit features three fan speeds for personalized comfort and control of the temperature. It also has three modes – air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier – and a fully functioning remote to easily control all three. There is a 24-hour timer that allows you to set when you want the unit to turn on and off, which is great for helping you conserve energy. And, it even offers two-way air direction so you can direct the air flow where you want it to go.

When the Haier is used in an appropriate space, it cools better than expected. However, 10,000 BTU’s are only good for areas up to 350 sq. feet. This unit is perfect for small server rooms or small bedrooms. In addition, it has one of the easiest installations on the market. The easy-to-install window kit fits most double hung and sliding windows, and the exhaust hose attaches the way it’s supposed to. With the caster wheels on the bottom of the unit, it easily moves around as needed.

This unit uses the auto evaporation technology to evaporate condensation, and it does a good job with that. If your unit seems to be leaking or filling up a bucket quickly, you can attach a garden hose and run it through the window kit. It will drain the water continually, and you won’t have to do it manually.

The Haier 10,000 BTU cools spaces up to 350 sq. feet.

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Design and Usability

The air conditioner is white with a permanent mesh filter. It’s not eco-friendly, but it is easy to clean. The top of the unit features a digital display so it is easy to adjust the temperature to your desired setting. The unit is designed for one exhaust hose, and it clamps into place properly without any need to modify it. That said, you could wrap the hose in insulation to increase its life.

The dehumidifier is quite powerful with this machine, as well. If the area you live in is humid, it is a good idea to run a garden hose from the drain line outside or you’ll need to drain and empty the unit manually when it shuts down. In extremely humid areas, you can expect to empty the unit every hour or so. If you live in a fairly dry region, the auto evaporation system will take care of the condensation and there will be no need for the drain hose.

The unit measures 16.54 x 13.39 x 27.56, and it weighs about 35 pounds. It is one of the smaller units on the market, which makes it easier to handle on your own. It’s also easier to tuck this unit behind a couch or other item if you prefer not to have it sitting in direct sight. The exhaust hose is five feet in length, so you have some leeway with placement. The unit runs on 115 volts and 8.9 amps, which means it falls within the typical household’s range of 125V/15A.

The digital display makes it easy to adjust the temperature to your desired setting.

Noise Level

The noise level of this unit is pretty quiet compared to other portable air conditioners. It’s rated at 49 dB, which is comparable to sitting in a library. The white noise the machine makes is not as loud as other units. All of the mechanical parts are indoors, so there will be some noise. Still, this unit’s noise level is one of the best on the market.

The noise level of this unit is similar to the noise you hear sitting in a library.

Energy Consumption

The Haier portable air conditioner’s EER is 9.5. According to that number alone, you should be able to save money on your electric bill. However, if this unit is used in conjunction with other units or with the central air unit, then you’ll still end up paying more. By using the 24 hour timer, you can minimize the amount of energy you consume.

By using the 24 hour timer, you can minimize the amount of energy you consume.


This unit is perfect for college students, roommates who fight over the temperature, and anyone else looking for a non-permanent solution in a small room. The design is simple and intuitive, and the unit is a power horse on the performance side. And, because of its compact size, it’s quite easy to tuck it away behind some furniture, although the white color scheme does blend in with almost anything.

The one big downside is that the hoses Haier uses tend to turn brittle and fall apart if it hasn’t been moved in a while. Without proper insulation, you can expect to purchase new hoses each summer after the unit was stored all winter. To combat this, wrap the hose insulation or find heavy-duty hoses that work with this unit.

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