Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan Review: The Noiseless Fan


Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan's multiple settings allow you to customize its performance to any room temperature or time of day. The easy to program timer makes it easy to save energy. Plus, the sleek design allows it to fit with any décor.


The fan’s height cannot be adjusted while the fan is in use. At $100, the cost of entry is steeper than other tower fans.

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Ozeri’s Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan is a towering device that can move a lot of air very quickly. Whether you need to keep a large living room cool through the day or just need reduce the sweltering heat of your bedroom as you go to sleep this fan will suit your needs. The Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan is Ozeri’s mid-level tower fan offering so it will be able to handle almost any household issue.

Performance and Features

The fan boasts a wide range of features to keep it easy to use and to ensure effective climate control throughout the room. The fan boasts a total of six settings, three for daytime use and three quiet settings designed for use at night. The daytime settings are powerful enough to cool a large room while the night settings are quiet enough to be used in a bedroom.

Beyond its excellent performance as a fan are the bells and whistles that are included. The fan comes with a long range remote, making it easy to adjust the temperature in the room without the need to get up and fiddle with settings on the fan. It also features a timer setting that is incredibly easy to use, making it easy to set the fan to automatically turn off, saving time and energy costs. The fan’s height is also adjustable, making it possible to customize the fan to the specific needs of each room. To round out these features is the fan’s aesthetic design. Its sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-thin design allow the fan to fit in and complement the decoration of any room.

The fan’s is ideal for cooling large rooms because of its oscillation feature. It is capable of turning a full 90 degrees, allowing for it to cover a full room if it is placed in the corner. The oscillation motor is quiet enough to use with the night time settings while you sleep. The remote can control the oscillation settings making it easy to adjust as needed to maximize air flow.

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The fan stands between 32 and 42 inches tall depending on how its stand is set up. Its customizable height and 13 inch thin design make it easy to find a spot for the fan in any room of the house. The fan’s power cord is six feet long which makes it easy to reach the nearest power outlets.

The fan weighs in at 10 pounds, which is light enough to be moved from room to room if needed. The base has slip-resistant padding which can keep it stable enough to avoid falling over if you bump into it. The fan’s remote is also sturdy, and buttons on both the remote and the fan itself are clearly marked, making it easy to adjust the fan’s settings. To top things off, the fan is easy to clean.


The fan has been designed to maximize the air flow to sound ratio and does well at keeping noise down. The night time settings are quiet enough to fall asleep to and the oscillation of the fan is similarly quiet. Even the day time settings do not produce a sound loud enough to cause distraction, making this the ideal fan for a quiet environment.

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch fan has been designed with efficiency in mind and uses a reasonable amount of electricity. Its power saving features include a timer that can be set between 1 and 12 hours, making it possible to turn off after you fall asleep and don’t need the cool air. The remote that allows you to control the fan from a distance, making it easy to turn down, reducing energy use.

The fan comes with a one year, no questions asked warranty, providing confidence that any issues with the fan can be quickly and easily resolved. Ozeri customer service is prompt and professional to ensure that repairing your fan is a painless process.


The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch fan is a top of the line tower fan that provides a good combination of power, features, noise level, and energy efficiency. Anyone looking to cool a large space with a sleek, thin, and easy to move fan should look at this model.

Check Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan Price on Amazon

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