NewAir AF-1000W: It’s Not Your Average Evaporative Cooler


The NewAir AF-1000W offers several features that makes it useful for owners who want to cool small rooms without relying on AC units. The 23.4-pound evaporative air cooler has a 5.3-gallon water tank and a 200-watt fan that can cool rooms measuring up to 300 square feet. The fan has three speeds and an oscillating function that helps it cool rooms evenly and quickly.


The NewAir AF-1000W takes a bit more time to remove hot air completely compared to AC units.

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The NewAir AF-1000W uses water and air to cool rooms measuring up to 300 square feet. The unit has a 5.3-gallon tank that owners can fill with water or ice. A fan circulates air through the water to cool small rooms while adding moisture to arid spaces. Anyone who wants to cool a small room should consider purchasing this unit. It has the efficiency and versatility that most people need from evaporative air coolers.

Performance and Features

The NewAir AF-1000W meets the performance standards of people who live in warm, dry climates. Since this is a fairly small unit, owners should not expect it to cool large areas. It works best in rooms under 300 square feet in size. An oscillating function and three-speed fan helps distribute cool air evenly throughout warm rooms.

The unit includes several features that make it extremely portable. Without water, it only weighs 23.4 pounds. It also has wheel castors that make it easy to move without strain.

The NewAir AF-1000W operates on its own without assistance. Its 5.3-gallon water tank can cool a small room for several hours. The unit has a 10-hour timer that lets owners decide how long they want it to operate. It also comes with a remote control that lets owners adjust settings easily.

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At 23.4 pounds, this is a great portable evaporative cooler. It includes wheel castors that make it easy to roll from room to room. Its three-speed, oscillating fan helps cool small spaces quickly and evenly. The unit even comes with a remote control so owners can adjust the settings without being disturbed. Anyone who wants to cool a small room without using much electricity will likely find that this unit offers a lot of versatility and usability.


The NewAir AF-1000W has a three-speed fan that makes very little noise, especially when compared to the noise created by most air conditioner units that include compressors. Even on its highest setting, the fan’s noise stays in the background. The small amount of noise that it makes is easily disregarded by most people. It’s an unobtrusive way to cool a small area without loud fans or compressors.

Energy Consumption and Warranty

Like most evaporative coolers, the AF-1000W only consumes a small amount of energy. It’s considered an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners that rely on compressors to lower temperature. Despite its meager energy consumptions, the NewAir AF-1000W can cool warm, arid rooms quickly.

The NewAir AF-1000W comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers the cost of repairing or replacing defective parts. Buyers should keep in mind that they can invalidate the warranty by using the unit outside of its intended purpose. Abusing the AF-1000W could make owners completely responsible for repairs even within a year of purchase.

Why NewAir AF-1000W?

There are a lot of portable evaporative coolers that claim to work well in small, arid rooms. The NewAir AF-1000W is one of the best options. Its light weight and casters make it highly portable. Its tank fits the needs of rooms under 300 square feet. The unit has a three-speed fan that can oscillate to lower temperatures quickly and evenly. Anyone who needs to cool a small room should consider this eco-friendly option before turning to air conditioners or larger air coolers.

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