Monte Carlo Discus 5DI52WHD-L: Simple Yet Sophisticated Fan


This Monte Carlo fan includes five blades to as much as 5,209 cubic feet of air per minute, enough to cool a large room. The three speed reversible motor is designed to run as quietly as a whisper, letting you focus on controlling the temperature of your home rather than the noise level of the fan.


The light fixture is made of heavily frosted glass, to the point that the light it produces is too dim to effectively illuminate a room. The fan also uses a custom style of down rod available only from Monte Carlo, so if you were hoping to use your current down rod you’ll have to rethink that plan.

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This fan is designed with functionality rather than style in mind. It is made of plain white plastic giving it a modern, but ultimately uninteresting aesthetic. In terms of functionality it meets the standards of modern fans. It has a three speed motor that lets you customize the air flow to the temperature of your home. The motor is also reversible so you can use the fan to keep your home warm in the winter. One place where the fan does is excel is the noise level of the motor, which is quiet as a whisper. The light fixture is made of heavily frosted glass which prevents the lighting from feeling harsh but also makes it too dim to illuminate the room the fan is installed in. If you are looking for a way to add a few luxury features to the fan, accessories such as a remote control are available for purchase.


  • Three speed motor for close control of the temperature of your home.
  • Reversible to help heat your home in the winter.
  • Moves up to 5,209 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Frosted glass light fixture.
  • Pull chain speed selection with optional remote control sold separately.
  • Can be mounted flush or with a down rod.
  • Contemporary design fits with most aesthetics.

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Noise Level

The Monte Carlo Five Blade fan comes with a whisper quiet three speed motor. No matter which speed or direction you run the fan at you won’t have to worry about hearing the noise of the motor. The only sound the fan produces is the sound of the air moving around you home.

Energy Consumption

This fan was not designed with energy efficiency in mind but fans generally do not require much energy to operate. The fan requires 64 Watts to run and moves as much as 81 cubic feet of air per minute per Watt of energy used. Using the fan properly to augment your air conditioning or heating units will help you reduce the energy those appliances consume, reducing your energy bill in the end.


The Monte Carlo Five Blade fan is a mid-range fan designed with functionality at a reasonable price, rather than aesthetic, in mind. If you are looking for a basic fan that will help you control the temperature of you home and do not mind the lack of bells and whistles or the basic aesthetic, then this fan is the perfect choice for you.

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