Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element: A Small Heater for Large Rooms


The Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element is designed to warm rooms up to 1,400 sq. ft. It can pull off high wattage to deliver ample amount of heat. The build is solid making it a good additional decor to your house. The outer surface is made of wood and does not heat even at a higher setting which make it safe.


This unit blows hot air loudly and noticeably. The digital display is not cozy making this heater not a good choice if you sleep with lights off.

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The Series Ultimate 8 from LifeLux is one of the top infrared heaters on the market today, and most of the reason for that is the revolutionary design that just isn’t seen in other space heaters. There are eight quartz infrared elements that are enclosed in a heat exchange coil and this allows you to heat rooms that you want. This is an energy saving heater that has three different settings so you can customize the heat level per the size of the room and has a remote control.

Performance and Features

There are a lot of great features to love about this space heater. The first thing is that the price is just perfect. There are a couple of less expensive models in our group here like the Dr. Infrared, but for the value that this heater offers with the features you won’t find a better price.

The first feature is obviously the eight quartz-infrared elements that are wrapped in coils for heat exchange. This is a different technology than anything else on the market right now and it works to heat up a room super fast and to save you energy by keeping even the largest rooms warm and toasty.

Another great feature of the LifeLux Series 8 is the warranty and associated terms. There is a standard one-year warranty on the parts, but there is also a lifetime on air filter. Also, this heater only uses 1500 watts maximum.

There is a control panel that will allow you to set up to three different energy settings including a setting that is intended for small spaces called an Eco Setting. It will keep a small space at about 68 degrees with only 500 watts of electricity.

Stylish and classy, the oak stain cabinet that the heater is housed in is perfectly safe and cool to the touch and the heater has gliders that make it easy to move from one room to another.

The Ultimate model also includes a larger remote control that will allow you to operate the dual timer setting, the digital thermostat or any other settings that you wish.

  • Top-of-the-line infrared heater
  • Offers a unique eight quartz element design for maximum performance
  • Has a one year warranty and a lifetime guarantee on air filter technology
  • Has three energy conservation settings including one setting that keeps a space at 68 degrees using only 500 watts. The heater uses 1500 watts maximum.
  • Large remote control
  • Timer that will allow you to turn the unit on or off up to 12 hours

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Safety Features

Cabinet that the heater is housed in does not heat up to burn your fingers and it is on a sturdy base so it won’t tip over. It is ETL listed which ensures that this product complies North American safety standards.

Energy Consumption

This space heater uses up to 1500 watts maximum. The eco setting which uses only 500 watts is very efficient if you want to heat small rooms.


If you are looking for efficient, stylish heater, then Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element is a great choice. Sure there is difference in price but this heater is good in heating larger rooms with the same wattage used as those that are priced low.

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