Is LG LP0814WNR Suited the Best for Small Rooms?


The LG LP0814WNR 8000 BTU portable air conditioner blows a noticeable stream of cold air when the window kit is properly sealed. The unit is perfect for a small studio apartment or home office where you can save money by using this unit instead of the central AC unit.


The window kit is cheaply made and it is difficult to get a good seal. However, even once you manage to get a decent seal, the exhaust hose gets extremely hot.

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This unit is an LG product, which has major brand recognition for most people. And, it’s a brand many people equate with quality. Their portable air conditioner is no different. It is an 8,000 BTU unit that uses a standard 115 volt electrical outlet. It has an LED display panel with two fan settings and two cooling speeds. In addition, this unit features the smart auto-restart feature. Should your unit lose power for any reason, the system would restart itself and resume with its previous settings in tact.

Performance and Features

It is first important to understand that this machine is only rated to cool spaces up to 300 sq. feet. Anymore than that and you will be disappointed in the product. However, at 300 sq. feet, the LG air conditioner blows out a steady stream of cold air. But, in order for the system to work properly, you first have to achieve a solid seal with the window kit. If you don’t, then hot air seeps in through the kit, and it defeats the purpose of trying to cool a room. If you’re having trouble feeling the cold air from this unit, check the window seal first.

To help improve the performance of the unit, wrap the exhaust hose with thermal insulation. First, it helps protect the life of the hose. Second, the exhaust hose gets pretty hot depending on the temperature outside, and when the hose gets hot, it overloads the compressor until the unit is unable to function as it should. It will still blow air, it just won’t be as cold as you’d like. Another option is to cover the air duct with an insulated silver jacket to trap the heat and keep it in there.

The unit features thermostat control, two fan settings, two cool settings, and the auto-restart feature. It also runs on auto evaporate technology, so in dry climates you won’t have to worry about emptying any water. But, in humid climates, the unit dehumidifies while it cools, so it may take in more moisture than the small unit can evaporate. The LG engineers included a Water Full indicator to help avoid leaks and spills for this reason.

The LG air conditioner blows out a steady stream of cold air.

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Design and Usability

The white design of the LG unit allows it to blend easily with most home decor. It looks a bit like a standing water cooler without the spigots for the water. The vent is on the front, and the LED control panel is on the top. The unit measures 13 7/8 x 29 3/4 x 11 13/16, and weighs almost 48 pounds, which is heavy for such a small unit. The unit itself is compact enough to keep in an out-of-the-way spot, but it’s too heavy to store on a table or stand unless it’s a heavy-duty table.

According to the manufacturer, the unit must be upright for 24 hours before use. This is to allow the coolant to settle back into the compressor. When units are stored on their side, the coolant settles into areas it shouldn’t settle into. Also, since the unit must be vented, the manufacturer recommends plugging it directly into a wall socket rather than using an extension cord. The risk of fire is much greater with an extension cord in place.

The air filter is washable and reusable, which saves you money on replacing the filters. The 24 hour on/off timer allows you control over when the unit is on and when it shuts off. This helps you regulate the temperature of a room, even when you’re not there, and save money on the electric bill. LG created a unit designed to take care of your cooling needs without costing you an arm and a leg.

LG created a unit designed to take care of your cooling needs without costing you an arm and a leg.

Noise Level

The noise level rating for this unit is 55 dBA. It’s about the same as a dishwasher running in the other room. The hum of the compressor isn’t too bad if you’re used to sounds such as the dishwasher; however, in a small dorm room the sound will seem louder. For such as small unit, you might expect this to be a quieter machine. However, 55 dBA is about average for portable air conditioners.

The noise level rating for this unit is 55 dBA.

Energy Consumption

The EER for the LG portable air conditioner is 9, which is pretty good considering some of its competition. However, this machine produces quite a powerful burst of air so it will pull a little more on the energy than its counterparts that do not have such cooling capabilities. Still, an EER of 9 is a decent number and should save you money on your electric bill each month provided you’re not using it in conjunction with a central AC unit.

With an Energy Efficiency Rating of 9, you should save money on your electric bill each month.


When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, this unit is probably one of the best. Given that it’s only 8,000 BTU’s, it will only cool small spaces, but it is a powerful unit for its size. LG focused less on extending the features and more on making a product that functioned as an air conditioner. And, the features that do come with the unit make life just as easy as any other unit. These units are perfect for small dorm rooms, studio apartments, or roommates who fight over the temperature.

The one downside to this unit, which is unfortunate because it does so well in every other area, is that the window kit is cheaply made. It is difficult to get a proper seal, and it takes several tries to get it just right unless you’re a master installer. For a company that focused on quality of product, LG missed the boat with the window kits.

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