Lasko Wind Curve Fan 2554: Delivers Much Comfort for Your Home


The Lasko fan does a great job of circulating air so when it’s turned on the entire room is crisp and cool.  It’s also very easy to put together since the fan comes fully assembled, the only thing you need to attach is the base.  The fan is also nice and quiet and hardly makes any noise and it’s so easy to operate that even a child can turn it on and off.


The fan can be a little cumbersome to transport and is also very top heavy.  This can make it a challenge to move the fan from room to room and instead it’s probably best to keep the fan stationary in one room. 

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The purpose of a fan is to make the room that you’re in as comfortable as possible.  With the Lasko Wind Curve fan, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in a room full of fresh, cold air.  Not only is the fan very stylish and chic in its appearance, but it has a revolutionary design which really helps maximize the amount of cool, fresh air that’s blown from its vents.  The fan is very versatile and can be used in any environment that needs cooling from your home to the workplace.

Performance and Features

There are a number of distinct features that makes the Lasko Wind Cure Fan one of the top air cooling fans in the marketplace.  One of the unique features of this product is how it is able to stand on its own while it circulates air.  The fan itself is a portable stand-alone fan with slip-resistant feet and it’s the perfect height, clocking in at 42 inches tall for excellent air circulation.

The fan is also very quiet that you can barely hear that it’s running when you have it turned on. This is certainly a defining feature of the product.  It features three quiet speed settings and the fan also has certain controls which help regulate the oscillation.  The fan does a nice job of rotating so that it is able to keep all parts of a room nice and evenly cool.

The fan features a fresh air ionizer which does a nice job of making sure that the air in the room is regulated and stabilized.  It’s also quite easy to regulate the fan’s usage so that it can be operated efficiently and effectively.  The fan can be set for 1/2 – 7-1/2 hours of use with an electronic timer and includes a multi-function remote control for convenience.  The remote makes it easy to change the functions of the fan without having to get up!

This fan is perfect for anyone who need to cool down

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The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is a very practical fan to utilize.  The size of the fan contributes to the usability.  The unit’s size is 42 1/2″ tall and measures 13”x 13”.  There are a number of distinct reasons that make the Lasko one of the most sought after fans on the marketplace today.  The high-reaching tower design is equipped so that the fan is able to provide maximum air delivery.  Not only that but the fan comes with a fresh air ionizer option so that you can make sure that the air you are breathing is filtered and fresh!

The Lasko fan is also overall easy to transport and it comes equipped with an easy-carry handle.  In addition, you’re able to control the fan from anywhere in the room since there’s a handy remote control.  You’ll also never lose the remote since it can be hooked onto the fan in its own storage area.

Such a practical and portable fan to own!


As the saying goes, some things should be seen (or felt) and not heard.  Well in the case of the Lasko fan, you will definitely feel the fresh, cold air being blown around the room but won’t have to worry about any needless humming.  The fan operates very smooth and quiet so that you barely know that it’s even turned on.  All you’ll feel is the nice cool air, but will barely hear a hum.

 Stay cool without all the noise

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Lasko fan is not only a great way to stay cool, but it is also very easy on the environment.  The fan is Energy Star approved, so it only uses a limited amount of energy.  This means you won’t see an astronomical energy bill after using the fan.

What’s also nice about the Lasko fan, like Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan, is that it comes with a limited 1- year warranty so that you can purchase the product with confidence.  The chances are that you’ll really enjoy the fan, but in case you don’t there is the ability to get your money back.  Not only that, but if the fan malfunctions for any reason, you’ll be able to get it quickly repaired by the manufacturer.

Save money on energy and enjoy piece of mind with a warranty


You have many types of cooling fans to choose from in the marketplace, but with the Lasko Wind Curve Fan you’ll be in good hands.  This fan stands apart in the marketplace because the tall, gracefully sleek fan complements any décor while adding cooling comfort to home or office.  There are a plethora of features that add to the fan’s desirability, including a three speed settings and a wide-area oscillation feature, it efficiently provides a gentle breeze throughout any room!

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