Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan HY-280: Efficient and Worth the Price


The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is an unbelievably quiet fan which makes it an ideal bedroom fan since it won’t wake you up when sleeping.  There are eight speeds instead of the standard three.  Lastly, there is a nice temperature gauge that makes it easy to see the temp and there’s even an automatic timer, which will shut the fan after a set amount of time, up to eight hours.


While the Honeywell Tower Fan is overall quite good, there are a few drawbacks starting with the base, which is not as sturdy or solid as it should be.  This can cause the fan to wobble a little when it starts to gain speed.  The LED control panel is a little bright, so you have to manually cover it when you’re sleeping or it will keep you up.

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The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan was designed to offer eight quiet cooling settings, which is truly the most speed settings for any fan in the marketplace. This elegant fan is perfect for any kitchen or living room and features both breeze and oscillation settings.  Some other features worth pointing out include a digital thermostat and a one- to eight-hour shut-off timer.  The fan is light-weight so you’re able to move it from room to room with ease as well.  Although, you most likely won’t want to move the fan from your bedroom since Honeywell designed the fan to be used while you’re asleep.

Performance and Features

The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is simply one of the best on the market.  It has a number of features that allow it to be a top performer, but it’s prime selling point is how quiet the fan can be.  When the fan is turned on, you can barely hear the air as it blows out of the vents.  The fan also has distinct oscillation and breeze settings which make it very simple and practical to utilize.

Even better, the fan can be controlled without even leaving the comfort of your bed.  It comes with a wireless remote control so you can turn it on/off and monitor the speeds with ease. To that point, the fan has 8 different speeds of quiet control so you can play around with them to determine which speed best fits your needs.

While the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is best used in the bedroom, you can also easily transport the product by easily picking it up with a convenient carry handle.  The fan is also very lightweight so it won’t break your back either.

This product is the perfect fan to use when sleeping

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The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan is very user friendly.  It’s really one of the most practical fans on the market today.  No one wants to have a noisy fan, and with the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan you won’t have to worry about needless noise.  The fan virtually sounds the same whether it’s turned on or off – it’s really just is that quiet!

The fan stands at 32.8” tall and weighs 10.6lbs, so it’s overall not that heavy and does not take up too much space. Although it might be small, it’s definitely very mighty since it can cool a room up to 1500 sq ft.  The fan is really only meant to be used indoors and is powered electronically, so you’ll need an outlet nearby.  Honeywell did a nice job of designing the fan as well as it’s made of hard plastic, so you know it will be durable and can withstand wear and tear. Currently the Honeywell QuietSet only comes in black, but it has a nice and stylish design.

A very practical and functional cooling fan


The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan has really written the book on noiseless fans.  The noise level for this fan is nearly non-existent.  The fan is so quiet that it’s best recommended to be used in the bedroom since you will feel the coolness without hearing any noise.  Users of the fan can’t believe how little noise the fan makes when it’s turned on. The fan is just fairly quite and not as silent as  Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 and Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan.

The fan’s noise-level is virtually non-existant

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan must be used with electricity.  However, since the product is Energy Star approved, it has been made in the most energy efficient way possible.  Not only does it use minimal energy, but it will also make sure that you’re energy bill does not become astronomical.  Now that’s some good news for both your wallet and the environment!

While you’re not likely to have any issues with the Honeywell QuietSet Fan, just in case the product is protected by a 1-year warranty.  This is put into place incase you need to replace a part or have the fan serviced during the first year.  The company is so confident in the product that they’ll also allow you to return the fan and receive a refund.  Chances are though that you’ll be so amazed by how cool and quiet the fan is that you won’t need to use the warranty.

Good fan for the environment and you’re wallet


With so many cooling fans on the market it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for your needs.  You really don’t need to look any further than the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan.  This fan has 8 different levels of cooling and operates very quietly for maximum comfort with minimum disruption! Its slim design takes up very little space in the room and the oscillation mode offers complete room coverage.  So don’t look any further, buy a Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan!

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