Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan: A Simple Fan for Efficient Cooling


Staying cool has never been easier thanks to the Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan which comes complete with three speed settings.  Other pros of the fan product include oscillation for some wide area coverage.  The product is also very mobile and user-friendly with an integrated carry handle and a top mounted control panel.


The biggest concern about this fan is that the plastic utilized could be improved a little sturdier.  Also, the base of the product is a little cheap and has a tendency to wobble and wiggle when the fan is turned on.

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The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is really a must-have fan for those who want to keep cool, but also want a fan that’s portable and easy to move.  The Holmes Tower Fan can be easily transported so it can be used anywhere in your home or office with ease.  The integrated handle and lightweight design make the fan really easy to carry. This fan also does a really nice job of dispersing the air all around a room too.  The fan oscillates for even air distribution and features three speed settings for flexible operation.

Performance and Features

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan has a number of distinct features that make it a top contender in the air-cooling space. Some of its unique selling points are how quiet, portable and accessible the fan can be. The fan also has distinct oscillation and breeze settings which make it very simple and practical to utilize.  It’s so easy to use that even a small child could operate it!

Another nice feature of the Holmes Tower Fan is that you can control the fan setting without getting up from the couch or your bed.  It comes with a wireless remote control so you can power it on and off and adjust the speeds with ease. The fan has 3 speed settings so you can select which level of speed best fits your needs.

Since the fan is so easily portable, you can move the Holmes Tower Fan to anyplace that you would like cooled.  Picking it up with a convenient carry handle can easily transport the product from room to room or place to place.  You don’t have to worry about overexerting yourself either, since the fan doesn’t weigh all too much.

The air-cooling fan you’ll ever need for a reasonable price

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The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is truly a remarkable product in the air-cooling space.  With many products to select from, this fan really stands apart because it is very functional, practical and usable.  The fan has a nice sleek and modern design and typically comes in white and black color, which can blend in with just about any décor.

Since the fan is lightweight, clocking in at only 15 lbs, you can easily transport it to any place that needs some cooling.  When it comes to height, the fan is 31” tall and is relatively trim at 6.4” wide and 7.9” long.   Not only is the fan very functional, but it’s also quite the attractive unit.

A sleek and efficient cooling fan


The Holmes Tower Fan is overall a very practical product not just because it does an excellent job at cooling down your living quarters but it also does this with very little noise.  When the fan is in use there is only a slight humming noise the same with Lasko Wind Curve Fan.  While you can tell the unit is on, it’s not overly loud or annoying.  This makes the fan practical for just about any room, including your bedroom for usage when sleeping!

Very little noise from the fan

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan is very energy efficient because it uses very little electricity.  The nice thing about this fan is that it has been made in the most energy efficient way possible.  Minimal energy is used so will also help keep down your electric bill so you won’t be breaking the bank!

While you’re not likely to have any issues with the Holmes Tower Fan, just in case the product is protected by a 3-year warranty. This means there really is no risk to purchase the fan because if it breaks or you aren’t satisfied you can get a refund!

Very little energy, yet maximum cooling


With the Holmes Tower Fan your home will be kept cool and comfortable. With three speeds for personalized comfort, this oscillating tower fan is the ideal cooling device for living room or bedroom use. Quiet and efficient operation over a wide coverage area makes the Holmes Tower Fan uniquely suited to non-obtrusive climate control. Not only that, but it’s easy to transport the fan around the house.  Lightweight for easy portability and efficient for full-room cooling, the Holmes Tower Fan is a smart buy for those warm summer days!

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