Dyson AM05: High Performance Bladeless Heater


The Dyson AM05 works like a furnace that heats or cools entire room in no time. With Dyson's popular bladless technology, this heater makes efficient and powerful. Likewise, this heater requires very less maintenance compared to other heaters.


This unit's price is pretty high and may not favorable for those with a tight budget. There are heaters like Lasko 6435 Designer Series and Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 which are twice or thrice cheaper and can heat up rooms almost the same as this unit. On the other hand, the cooling feature does not perform quite well compared to heating.

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The Dyson AM05 Hot/Cool fan heater is one of the best whole room space heaters on the market. It is able to keep you cooler in the summer months and provide heating for an entire room in the winter. The Dyson uses Air Multiplier technology to expand the heated air in all directions and it has a great deal of airflow. There are no blades, no elements and no safety issues because if this heater tips over it shuts off immediately, so you’ll never have to worry about a fire with this built-in fail-safe. Finally, it is an extremely energy efficient product, partly because of the way that it moves air.

Performance & Features

The Dyson AM05 Hot/Cool fan heater uses Air Multiplier technology with a well-designed motor to move heat much more efficiently, which means that it can heat up an entire room super fast and keep it warm even without the thermostat. It is also a cooling fan, and it can keep you from baking in the summertime by drawing in six gallons of air every second and generating high air velocity to cool the entire room. You get control over what temperature you want the room to be and over where you want the air (heated or cooled) to be directed.

Dyson AM05 has a two year warranty on the parts and labor so you’re protected if the unit fails for some reason.

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Compared to the Dr. Infrared and the DeLonghi, this isn’t a great choice. It is pretty much the same heater as those two, and doesn’t have any distinguishing features that would make it worth spending the extra money on. It does heat up the entire room, but there is no reason to spend that much money on a space heater that does the same job as one that costs less than a hundred bucks. Unless you are attached to the Dyson brand, you should probably choose another product wisely.

Safety Features

Besides having no moving blades to cause injury, the Dyson AM05 also has a fail-safe that shuts off the unit completely if it gets tipped over. Those safety features added to the fact that there are no visible heating elements make this one of the safest space heaters available.

Energy Consumption

Because of how fast this unit heats up a room and because it is made to be energy efficient, this will use a great deal less electricity than most space heaters.


Dyson AM05 is a solid product. Although it costs quite a bit more than many other space heaters on the market today it is worth the extra money because of the safety features that come with it, and the fact that it can heat up a whole room and then be shut off rather than run the space heater all day long.

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