Dyson Air Multiplier AM07: Beautifully Crafted and Powerful Tower Fan


Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan has an incredibly powerful “air mover” featuring a bladeless design to reduce noise and choppiness. It has an attractive design that comes in multiple colors. The 10 different settings enable precise customization.


The fan comes with a hefty price tag. The fan’s base is light and potentially unstable. Remote uses infrared technology, requiring a line of sight to the fan.

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Dyson’s new age, bladeless Air Multiplier AM07 is as much a fan as a conversation piece. It comes in three different colors, letting buyers match it to any aesthetic. Its bladeless design is also sure to draw comments from anyone who hasn’t seen one before. The good news is that the lack of blades does not reduce the power of the fan. The total of 10 settings make it suited to cooling a room of any size. The Air Multiplier AM07 is the perfect high end fan for people with high end taste.

Performance and Features

The Air Multiplier boasts a number of features for ease of use and effectiveness. It features an oscillation feature which allows it to cool a wide area. Oscillation can be controlled with a one touch button on either the remote or the unit itself, making it easy to adjust on the fly. The one catch of this feature is that the fan does not remember the oscillation setting when it is turned off, but the ease of turning the oscillation on reduces this to a very minor annoyance.

The fan features 10 different speed settings making it customizable to any climate. It can provide a soft quiet breeze in the bedroom at night or a powerful gust in the living room during a hot sunny day. Its bladeless design keeps the breeze from feeling choppy, instead providing smooth, consistent airflow. The lack of blades also means that it doesn’t attract and retain dust, making it a breeze to clean.

The Air Multiplier comes with a remote that can control all of the fans settings, making it convenient to adjust the fan from afar. The fan can also be set on a timer between 15 minutes and 9 hours, allowing you to set it and forget it without worrying about leaving it on all night. The LED display makes it easy to see how much time is left before the fan shuts down and what power setting the fan is on.

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The Dyson measures in at almost 40 inches tall, 7.5 wide and 4.3 deep, making it tall enough to provide good airflow, but thin enough to easily fit in most rooms. The fan comes with a cord that is over six feet long, making power outlets easy to reach, no matter where the fan is placed. The multiple power settings let you adjust the fan based on how the room’s size.

The fan is portable, weighing in at just over 6 pounds.  This, combined with its thin profile, makes it easy to move the fan from room to room. Be careful that you place the fan on a secure, flat surface, because the fan’s base is a bit light and can feel unstable on less secure surfaces.


The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 has been designed with noise in mind and is significantly quieter than earlier models. The lack of fan blades ensure that there is no chopping sound from their movement. Most of the moving parts in the fan have been placed in a sound dampening casing to further reduce noise. For those who need a fan that is incredibly quiet, the 10 different speed settings make it easy to customize to specific needs.

Energy Consumption and Warranty

The fan is designed to be energy efficient, without affecting performance. The smoothness of the airflow produced by the fan cools the room pleasantly and reduces resistance against the fan’s motor, saving power. The fan’s timer setting and remote also save energy by making it easy to turn of the fan when it is no longer needed.

The fan comes with a two year parts and labor warranty. This makes repairs or other issues a breeze to solve. Dyson has a wide network of authorized resellers to make it easy to find a location near you.


The Dyson Air Multiplier is a powerful, high-end fan that caters to people looking for a unique, conversation starting, and stylish way to cool a room. With a multitude of features to customize its performance, power, noise level, and energy use Dyson’s Air Multiple is ideal for the high-end fan shopper.

Check Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Price on Amazon

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