Dr. Infrared Heater DR968: Small But Efficient


Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 can deliver more heat up to 60% while maintaining its efficiency. The advanced dual heating system generates heat and increases its flow to warm space immediately. You can barely hear the noise of this heater because its blower is engineered to produce less amount of sound perceptible to human ear.


Though this heater's heat flow is considerably great, it takes time to warm spaces larger than 500 square feet.

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Dr. Infrared Heater is one of the neatest designs that you will see and was only recently released to the US. It is an efficient way for you to heat up your home and stay warm during the winter months. So, what makes Dr. Infrared Heater so unique? The Dual Heating System which combines PTC and Quartz element so that you have two different sources and it combines that with a high velocity blower that makes very little noise. This is one of the safest heaters around as well, and is certified by the UL in the US and Canada for maintaining high safety standards.

Performance & Features

This little heater has a lot of great features. The first is the design of the heater itself. It looks quirky, kind of like a little robot, but it is a fun design that you should be able to put in any room without making it look clunky.

Second, the price is just right for a heater of this quality. There are space heaters that are priced twice or three times as much and provide exactly the same heat. This is a great price and a quality heater as well.

In fact, since the Dr. Infrared Heater delivers sixty percent more heat than even the ‘High’ 1500 watt setting on most heaters,t it doesn’t use any more electricity than those other heaters. This is accomplished by transferring heat more efficiently.

It also has an amazing blower (not a fan) that moves more air at lower speeds than the competition. That means that you’ll get less noise.

There are three power settings so you can get the perfect temperature. There is an auto setting, a low (1000 watt) setting and a high (1500 watt) setting. You can also set the timer if you want.

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The Dr. Infrared heater pretty much blows all of the other heaters on this list out of the water. There isn’t a comparison. This heater does exactly the same things that the other ones do and has an amazing price tag attached to it. The only reason to go with a more expensive heater is because you want more control over the exact temperature. With the Dr. Infrared, you have more limited options. However, it has great safety features and it does save money when it comes to energy consumption so the price makes up for the lack of control.

Safety Features

The Dr. Infrared heater is listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories in the US and in Canada. They ensure safety standards on appliances like space heaters. They have listed this one because it has no exposed heating elements or moving parts for kids and pets to get hurt on and it shuts down when it is tipped over or if it overheats.

Energy Consumption

Between 1000 and 1500 watts when it is running. However, because the heater delivers sixty percent more heat without consuming additional energy, and because of the way it transfers heat, it is more energy efficient than the average 1500 watt model.


This is a great space heater to buy and probably one of the best on the market. The price is great, it has the right safety features and it puts out more heat than others heats which means it saves you money. There really is no reason not to go with this heater.

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